10 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for 2017

Author: Amrita Ghosh

Clients, associates, partners and employees are like the four wheels driving any business towards success. Your healthy relationship with them makes your company what it is. Therefore, whenever you are choosing a gift item for them, it is important that you do your homework well. A thoughtful gift can provide a way to show your appreciation in a strong humane way and elevate your personal relationship with them.

Corporate Gifts Vs. Promotional Gifts

It’s important that we understand the difference between these two categories before making a choice for our gifts. Promotional gifts play an important role for advertising a company and delivering business messages through it whereas corporate gifts also play an important role in the promotion of the company but in a different way inducing an element of personal touch to the gift for the receiver. A good corporate gift should be thoughtful enough to have a usual reciprocal quality in them. When you give an appreciative gift, in return, you also wait for the appreciation from your client and this is a natural response!

In total essence, corporate gifts should be high-quality and innovative yet cost effective to show the concern of your business towards your clients and employees.

Here are some gift ideas that will not break the bank but will definitely surprise the receivers in quite a pleasant way.

Gifts that Keep you at the Top Of Clients’ Minds

Good Luck Plant Hamper

This can be the simple and best way to wish your client good wishes for a healthy life. Two-layer bamboo plants are believed to bring good luck and putting them on the desk provides a new look to the office décor. Gift your client a hamper containing a designer notebook, dry fruits, visiting card holder, golden key ring and a two-layer bamboo. If you both share a good relationship, then this hamper is the necessary pick for you.

Buddha With Luck

Splendour of Indulgence

Any large gift hamper is definite to grab the attention of everyone, especially when it contains some mouth-watering snacks like Vicenzovo Italian Ladyfingers, Storck Merci 7 varieties of chocolate, Bonne Maman Peach Preserve, Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserve, and Pringles Original. These will melt your relationship with a personal touch.

Splendor of Indulgence

Classy Combo

A tie and a classy pen is always a popular gift item among corporate gifts. Among the several attractive gift items available from the market, you can pick a gift package containing a Pierre Cardin pen, a tie with some bright checks on it and cufflinks.

Classy Combo

Forever Prosperity

Any gift item that wishes prosper and happiness is welcomed by your clients. Gift a silver tray along with motichoor laddoo, a golden ball candle and a stone-decorated statue of lord Ganesha. He can put it at the entrance of the office to bring good luck with the blessings of lord Ganesha.

Enlightened Buddha

Everyone would love to have good luck charms as gift items, and your client is no exception to them. Gift a combo of two welcome Buddha statues with a Jamia plant. Houseplants are also gaining popularity every day as a healthy way of living.

Leather Basket hamper

A leather basket is itself attractive to possess. Present an edible hamper to your client, which contains a pack of crunchy popular biscuit, some chocolates like Temptations and Ferrero Rocher, 4700 bc popcorns and a Nescafe bottle. It is definite to make his taste buds mad.

Subscription membership

For your business clients, box subscriptions can be an exciting gift item. Starting from meal packages to craft supplies, various options are popular in the box of products. Your client would love to have it.

Gift card

If you choose a gift card for your client, it is able to show your gratitude for the person. Added to it, he has the freedom to make his own choice in the dinner! Various online portals offer such gift cards for their clients.

Business card folder

Any handmade product is sure to leave a good impression on the recipient’s mind. With handmade business card folders, they can display information on their desks. The more simple it is in design, the more special it becomes.


Still unsure of what to gift your clients and looking for something that can look stylish on their desk? Go for a stylish paperweight, it can be a handy one to gift. Buy one handmade glass-blown paperweight for the client, which can be an attractive addition to any desk.

Health surprise

Most of the people possess addiction to the fast foods from the market. You can support your client’s healthy habits by offering him a healthy food subscription service. A healthy client is always a happy client for you!

Personalized Beer Mug

If you both share a trustworthy relationship then a personalised beer mug can be a good pick for you. Choose any of your sweet memories from the past and get it printed on the beer glass mug. You client will be happy to drink from it in his fun time. Obviously, some of the above gift items are personal, so you need to make sure that you two possess a decent relationship before sending corporate gifts to them.