Do they really don't care?

As the Valentine’s Day is round the corner, so I decide to dedicate this piece of writing to the ever so beautiful feeling called love. The season of love has already arrived and all you people in love must have slipped in your shopping shoes. But before I any further talk about romance, I’d like to focus on different behaviours and perceptions of you and your spouse.

Despite of having the same biological functions, brains of the two genders work completely differently. From multi-tasking to remembering dates, to recalling something that happened two months before, to loving deep enough to drown, girlfriends can be the most beautiful yet unpredictable people. On the other hand, when we talk about the guys, things work at a little ease. With the same level of interest in all 365 days and a forgetful nature, they manage to get through every argument with the help of ‘sorry baby’!


Valentine’s Day is one of the most important day for couples. And by couple, I mean the female counterparts of men. From the perfect dress to the perfect plan of the day, they want it just like a beautiful dream come true. Not a single strand of hair should go from here to there… yeah, it is that particularly significant. They wait for the day and dream how amazing it’s going to be. For them, it is all about making everything special and memorable. And in case it is the first Valentine’s Day with their partner, it is no less than Diwali.

At another end, the easy going and chilled out beings called men find themselves occupied in the worldly business. They hardly get into the detailing and keep their piece of peace of mind undisturbed by thoughts of any day, event or a festival. Nothing seems to bother them but… it is actually not the case in real. Portraying men in dull colours doesn’t make them any lesser caring and thoughtful. They forget days, run out of reasons at times and might show indifference but they have a whole lot feelings saved in the backyard of their minds and hearts. It’s just that the way of expressing is different.

The girls and guys might not share the same idea of celebration all the time and this difference can be well managed by a deep sense of understanding. It is a fact that it is your togetherness that make things beautiful.



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