Don't Let Them Go If…

Love is blind they say, but they forgot to mention it develops sight as the time starts to pass. Not all couples reach their destination. Some exhaust in the way and some fall prey to confusions and misunderstandings. Falling in love is a beautiful feeling that every one of us experience in our early twenties but slowly as we reach our late twenties, the idea of being in love and seeing future together changes. There comes a time in all of our lives when thought of getting married drives us crazy. Not because we love us being a wild and free spirit, but because finding the right person becomes quite a task. Even if we are in a relationship, making the big decision of spending rest of the life with them takes a lot of courage.

If you find yourself in the same confusion, here I come with simple points which you can take into consideration and decide. You know you are with the right person if he/she does the following:

If They Initiate: Be it proposing or apologizing or coming up with any discussion which bothers your relationship, initiating is the key behaviour. If he/she doesn’t feel awkward in letting you know what they feel deep inside, keeping aside their ego, you are with the right person.

Respecting Differences: Acceptance is the ground where you build the castle of your togetherness. No two souls are alike and your case is the same too. It is no big deal sharing the similarities but if he/she respects what they do not find themselves perfectly aligned with, is what makes all the difference.

Does Crazy Things To Make You Smile: Every couple fights but what’s important is if they make efforts to make you smile again. From singing funny songs, making faces, cracking jokes to making it big like sending a 100 roses bouquet, it can be anything which makes you forget what went wrong.

Celebrates Your Birthday With Your Friends: Your birthday is the day when you usually have to choose between your friends and your special one. But it cannot get better if he/she gets along with your friends and finds it a good idea celebrating special days with everyone in your circle.

Tells You When You Don’t Look Good: It’s a small gesture but it speaks a lot about his/her personality. Dear girls, it’s not a matter of war if he tells you the bitter truth sometimes. It’s a positive sign.

Motivates You: One of the most necessary trait that builds your relationship is how your partner views your aspirations. If your guy or girl pushes you towards your dream, motivates you and makes you work harder for it, don’t think twice, marry him/her!

Let You Drive: This one is especially for you girls! If he lets you control the steering, he’s is the one. His comments while you drive matter a lot, so listen carefully whether he makes fun of you, gets angry or stays cool when you bump into another car.

Never Compares You: If your darling choice doesn’t compare your love and efforts with her dad’s or your culinary abilities with his mom’s, you are with the right person.

Let You Pay: This one too, is for you ladies! If he lets you pay, it signifies that he treats you equal.

Notice Your Efforts: Their happiness means everything to you. You make efforts, do things and go out of the way to bring smile on their face and not to be praised for it definitely. But, it all goes in vain if they do not notice your efforts.

Visits If You Don’t Pick Calls: It’s their concern and love for you which does not allow them to do anything else than making sure you’re okay! If they do this, go ahead!

Sings For You: Romance is the spice of a good relationship. If he/she expresses in melodies, it wins them an extra point.

Dances With You: Sharing your madness brings joy to your relationship. If they dances with you, even after being bad at it, do consider!

If you find even half of the above given qualities in your beloved, don’t let them go!











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