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mother's dayA slap can be an abrupt end to the conversation. Although it wasn’t new for Simran but it still terrified her as it did on the first night of her marriage. It was a match made in heaven, Rohit and Simran had been in love for years until they had the courage to admit it to their parents. With few problems coming in their way of wedding, they had worked it out just like every other average couple. Only on the night of their wedding day did Simran realize whom she had married. It wasn’t the sweet Rohit who had bought her flowers every time she was unwell. It wasn’t the protective Rohit who would drop her anywhere she wanted to go. Blind in love, she had ignored all the signs of future disappointments.

Foolish girl, she should have seen the gap he had created between her and her parents. But what does the silly mind knows. Scared to admit how wrong she was and reveal the embarrassment of her mistake of choosing a beast as her husband, she hid the problems like every other average couple. Two years into the marriage and the bubbly Simran had vanished into a walking pile of death who only obeyed her husband’s commands.

Going through a range of emotions when she found out that she’s pregnant, Simran was scared to bring a baby into this world of pain. Having lost all credibility in herself, she decided to relieve the baby of all disappointments. She had made all arrangements. She would tell Rohit that she was going shopping with her sister and secretly go to the clinic and get rid with it. But just when the day came, she couldn’t get herself to do it. Her inner strength had revived in just that one day. She decided to give Rohit a second chance. He was the father and the child deserved to have a mother and a father.

Only when she told Rohit about the pregnancy, did she realize how slaps can be an abrupt end to any conversation. Instead of bundling herself into a corner of the room and crying herself to sleep, this time she got up and packed her bags. She had to fight, not for herself but for her child. Rohit had always poked fun at her driving skills. But now laughing at the irony and the pride which had thought she didn’t have, she drove herself to the hotel.

Getting a divorce and bringing the baby into the world on her own was the first gift which gave her daughter.


“Mothers are not born when the child enters the world, they are born the moment they enter the womb.”


Not all mother’s day stories are rainbows and unicorns. Unfortunately, hidden behind the closed doors are such stories that need to be shared and heard. Why do we celebrate mother’s day? I hope you don’t have to ask this question again.

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