5 Unique Gift Ideas for Aquarians

Characteristics of Aquarians

Jennifer Aniston, Ellen De Genres, Shakira, Sarojini Naidu, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, Subhash Chandra Bose and Bob Marley – names that need no introduction, people who have achieved luminous heights in their respective careers and lives, personalities that have one trait in common. Guessing? Yes, we know they are all winter babies, they are all famous but most imperatively they are all Aquarians! Yes, you read that right. If one is to define this particular zodiac in one statement, it would be, ‘on top of the world’.

Aquarians are said to walk the borderline between genius and madness. They enjoy understanding others from a psychological point of view and prefer to ‘think’ about their feelings rather than ‘feel’ them.  They are also afraid of hurting the one they love but once they push past their fears and take a chance at love, they’ll hold nothing back. If you have an Aquarian friend she/he is bound to love you in any way possible and impossible to forget.

More on Aquarians

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, people born between January 20 and February 18 fall under this ‘Air’ sign. They are friendly to the core and eternal optimists towards handling situations.

Now that you have a fair idea about the sign’s likes/dislikes and their counter-reaction towards certain situations that life throws at them. Let’s plan their special day their own way! We’ve piled up a couple of gifting options for your January babies. Take a look at these amazing gift ideas for Aquarians and start buying for them

Red Roses – An Aquarius Woman or Man is an ardent believer of love. They are idealists who believe in sincere affections of the heart and when an Aquarius gives their heart to you they stay forever. They will like red roses – the ruler of romance and will light up with smiles once they receive it. So, without a shadow of a doubt, Tick Red Roses right on your list. This would be one of the best gift ideas for Aquarians.

Personalized Presents – Aquarians are extremists for the simple fact that nobody can fathom what occupies their mind in solace. They are the definition of moody. At times they are just not happy for long hours and you never know the exact reason. Then there are days when they become the life of any party. So, as a reminder of the precious memories, you share with them and for them to give up all mood swings, send personalized lamps, cushions or mugs for their birthday.

Green Gifts – This air sign loves to travel and consider nature their second home. They appreciate the art of the world and their alone time in it. Gifting them money plant or good luck bamboo plants makes an ideal gift. Out of all the mainstream gifts, these green gifts one will make an Aquarius smile ear to ear.

Earrings, Sarees or Necklace – If your mother, girlfriend, or wife is an Aquarian, you know that how much they like dressing up irrespective of the occasion. They simply love to adore themselves before the mirror for hours. So, a thoughtful present for them would count the names of necklace, earrings, Sarees, and attires they often wear.

Diaries, Journals, Photograph Holders – We discussed in the first segment of our piece how some of the most famous people are Aquarians. Hence, there is no denying that they love to explore the most diversified of subjects. Once they master an art or a field they love collecting more information on it. Diaries, Photograph Holders, and Journals make the best present for them to cherish what they gather for their passion.

So, riddle solved! You’ve got amazing gift ideas for Aquarians. Surprise them this year and the coming ones and we are sure they will treasure it for life!

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