5 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate your home on Christmas

Author: Rima Ghosh

Christmas is one of the much-loved festivals of the world and just like the Diwali, it has got a lot to do with lights and decoration. People clean their house, paint it, bring in new curtains and furniture and give a new look to their home. Everyone is on a party mood during this time of the year and that’s why pepping up the look of the house is really important. There is something magical in the Christmas air itself that pulls you out form the quilt and makes you work hard to decorate your home into an abode. I have read and seen some nice Christmas gift ideas and you can also take a look at some of these cheap Christmas decoration ideas to apply in your home.

Drawing room glitterati:

You can get a ready-made wreath from the local market quite cheaply and now you have to buy some colorful bows. Keeping in mind the Christmas theme, get the red, white and green colors of bows. Just glue these bows to the wreath and hang it in your drawing room wall. It would give a lovely start to your Christmas.

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Kid’s room special:

If you love painting and sketching, you can really contribute a lot to the decoration of Christmas. Mistletoe is a famous Christmas flower and you can make your own paper mistletoe. Take felt paper or colored paper and draw a mistletoe flower. Now cut it out and paste it on your kids’ room wall. Put some white thermocol pieces over the mistletoes to resemble the clusters of mistletoe. Make a lot of them and paste them on one part of the wall. It would really enliven the room.

Behind the door style-talk:

Just buy three or four Christmas wreaths of various sizes and hang them in ascending or descending order behind your door. Now you just have to accessorize them. Use Santa cap, red muffler, even bells.

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Speaking from the corners:

Do you have dry pinecones in your house? Maybe you picked up some in your last visit to the hills. Now it’s time to bring them out. Clean them with dry cloth and now paint them with golden color. Place them in your corner tables over a bowl and fill that bowl with some glittering objects like colorful stones or plain sand.

Eating with Santa:

If you know stitching, you can use this talent to make a chair cover that looks like the Santa Hat. Covering your dining chairs with this Santa Hat covers would be really a cool thing season. Bring in red and white felt polyester to make the caps.

Hope your friends and family would love these simple and cheap Christmas decoration ideas.