5 Secrets of Successful Long Distance Relationships

Author: Amrita Ghosh

saving a long distance relationship

Image Credits: livesadvice.com

Some people think that being ‘out of sight’ can be the reason of being ‘out of mind’. This is a common thought, especially for long-distance relationships! What do you think? If distance matters the most in a relationship, then those couples who stay together should never go for a break-up! But unfortunately, this is not true!

Various recent studies have established an interesting fact for long-distance relationships, which put a different thought to the above discussion. Researchers say that distance may have a great advantage for the satisfaction of couples! One thing is true that it is hard to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship. However, a little effort can keep the spark alive. Here are some expert tips to weather the consequences of romancing in a long-distance relationship.

Tips for a healthy long-distance relationship:

Figure out your mode of communication

When you stay together, frequent calls can seem to be less required but it is different in long-distance relationships. Since you cannot see each other on a regular basis, you need to fix your time of calling depending upon your mutual understanding.

Establish your boundaries of trust

When you stay apart, you may not feel or understand the lifestyle of your partner. Maybe, there is some added past experience of heart-breaking too. You should not try to control each other’s life! Give space to your partner and maintain your own boundaries of trust.

Deal effectively with your fights

When you stay together, you can observe each other’s reactions and emotions, so things can be solved easily. When there are miles of a gap between you both, you need to deal all your fights in a delicate way. Whenever you find a chance of quarrel over anything, try to solve it at the earliest. Remember, a video call or phone call is better than a text message!

Learn to cope up with your emotions… alone

Whenever you are away from each other, you should not discuss all your problems to your partner. As he/ she is away from you, it may not be able for him/ her to solve the issue and they may feel helpless, and this may increase your trouble! Try to solve your minor issues independently; it will make you mentally strong!

Manage expectations

When you cannot read the body language of your partner on regular basis, it is important to discuss your needs! You should not leave spaces for over-expectation between you two!

Send Gifts to Each Other

Gifts may not be necessary for a successful relationship but they definitely add a touch of excitement and romance to keep the spark alive. Send gifts on important occasions to make each other feel the presence even though you two are miles apart from each other.