6 Things that only your best friend has the guts to tell you


There are things which only your best friend will understand because he/she knows you so well that you don’t have to build a complete background before speaking your heart out to them. They are never judgemental and will accept you the way you are with all your faults and shortcomings.

1) Nobody has the courage to tell you that you that your outfit looks like a total shit because if they do, they will definitely land themselves in hot waters. But your best friend can say it without any fear because she has always had the best intentions for you and wants you to look simply stunning.

2) Only your bestie can say it that your boyfriend is a total jerk and doesn’t deserve you. You would at least lend a patient ear to her, after all, there must be some strong reason behind it. But if it would have been someone else, you might have been knocked out long before. Your best buddy will not tiptoe around your feelings, he is the one who is blunt and cuts the crap telling you quite honestly if you are wasting your time on some person.

3) It is your best friend who will make that effort to travel a thousand mile when you are going through a terrible phase in your life. She is not crazy, it is her way of telling you that I will always be there with you.

4) She has the guts to tell you that you are doing wrong when everybody else is trying just to be in your good books. She doesn’t mind being a badass whenever the situation demands so.

5) Rather than showing you on the best part of the life, your best friend will be the one who will make you face the hard-hitting realities of life. She hates it when you whine and complain about the same issue over and over again. It is only your best friend who is going to stick to you through the good times and bad. They are the one who will honestly tell you when you are not being yourself.

6) And for all those times when you feel like a total crap, your best friend will sing your praises just to boost your motivation and see that million dollar smile on your face.

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