6 Amazing Sargi Gifts for Daughter in Law

Sargi Gifts make Karwa Chauth Special!

Karwa Chauth is a wonderful one-day festival which is celebrated by the Hindu women in various parts of India and across the globe. Married women observe fast to ensure the longevity and well-being of their husbands, from the sunrise to moonrise without even drinking water in between. The occasion occurs on the fourth day after the full moon according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar in the month of Kartika. The festival stands for “Karwa” meaning the earthen pot used to carry water and “Chauth” means the fourth day after the full moon on which the occasion is celebrated. Women observing the fast of Karwa Chauth are allowed to eat and drink before the sunrise. This special pre-dawn meal consisting of “Fenia” and other items is an important part of the Karwa Chauth ritual and is known as “Sargi.” According to ancient tradition, this sargi is sent or given to the fast observing woman by her mother-in-law. Moreover, if the mother-in-law stays with her son after marriage, it is customary for her to prepare this pre-dawn meal for the daughter-in-law. The fast is eventually broken when husbands offer water to their wives through their hands.

Sargi Gifts for Bahu

On this upcoming occasion of Karwa Chauth on 8th October 2017, here is the guide to some of the amazing sargi gifts for the daughter-in-law as listed below:

Offer her a statue of God or Goddess- Lord Ganesha is said to bless people with joy, prosperity and good luck. On the auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, offer your daughter-in-law the blessings of Lord Ganesha with a wonderful statue. Apart from this, people can also offer elegant statues of other Gods or Goddesses in various materials like wooden, metallic, ceramic, transparent glass, stone and other compositions.

Send a personal care kit for the occasion- Along with the traditional Sargi items, mother-in-laws can send an excellent personal care gift hamper on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. This special personal care gift hampers consisting of cosmetic products will help your daughter-in-law to get ready for the big day in a fantastic manner.

Offer her a dose of health and taste- In order to make this Karwa Chauth a memorable occasion for your daughter-in-law, offer her a special gift basket of mouth-watering chocolates and traditional sweets like Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Soan Papdi, Mathi and other items. These can be sent to her as sargi gifts in case if she stays in another place. You can even add a healthy dose of dry fruits along with this gift hamper to blend health along with the taste.

Provide jewellery items to your daughter-in-law- In order to maintain a cordial relationship, mother-in-law can offer beautiful jewellery items along with the Sargi. You can buy an elegant gold pendant, solitaire ring, silver trinkets and other jewellery items as sargi gifts to build a strong mutual relationship.

Go for personalised gift items- Add grace and elegance to your Sargi gift items by ordering personalised gift items for your beloved daughter-in-law. You can choose a variety of personalised gifts such as photo frame, mug, water bottle, bracelet and other items that can convey your emotions with a personal touch.

Order wonderful style accessories for her- You can easily become a cool mother-in-law for your loving daughter-in-law by making your Karwa Chauth Sargi items a wonderful gift combination. Apart from offering the traditional items such as sweets (Mathis, Laddoo, etc), cosmetic items, Karwa Chauth book, metallic or earthen Karwa, you can also add a variety of other accessories in it. Order a lovely leather handbag, wristwatch, sling bag or hand purse to make this Karwa Chauth really special for your daughter-in-law.

So, redefine the existing relationship with your daughter-in-law by providing her exciting range of Karwa Chauth gifts for the occasion of Karwa Chauth. You can even send these Sargi items to anywhere in India and abroad quickly with the help of our efficient gift delivery service.