6 Unusual Ways to Propose Your Love this Propose day

Author: Rima Ghosh

Love is the most wonderful feeling of this world. Scholars have said it, intellectuals admitted it, historical characters have fought for it and commoners have learned from it. A saying goes that love gives you courage to live and being loved gives you strength to lead life. But if you don’t utter about your love for the other person, how would you go ahead? Therefore, all my friends, who haven’t expressed their love yet, it’s high time to say about those feelings. Here are some tips to propose your love on Propose Day, 8th February.

A lot can happen over coffee:

The Café Coffee Day tagline says so! And it is quite true that a lot can happen over coffee. Call him or her for a general hangout session in some nice coffee joint and spill the beans hen the time is ripe. The modern day coffee shops offer you a lot other than coffee – a luxuriously comfortable seat, perfect light, snacks and beverages, wifi connection, etc. All these facilities added with the charming aroma of coffee creates an environment that is favorable for a date. Just when you are mid-way to finish the first cup of mocha, latte, or cappuccino, propose him/her. You may kneel down to do so. This would be really fun and a memorable experience for you.

Date over coffee

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Maybe movies are for real

Ask any couple, what’s their most common dating idea or where do they generally meet? Most would say that a movie. So, why not propose over a movie? That’s the coolest idea and as you have called him/her for a movie, he/she won’t have an idea that you are going to propose. During the Valentine week, a romantic releases because the importance of a movie date is known to the movie-makers as well. Play a trick here – when the hero or heroine of the movie is proposing on screen, you also do the same. Take full advantage of the already created romantic ambience and he/she would be stunned for sure.


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Around the bonfire

Organize a bonfire party at some friend’s farmhouse or go somewhere up the hills where you can arrange for a bonfire party. Take up all the friends so that you don’t lose any witness to your love story. Around the bonfire, all of you must be playing prank on each other, play dumb charade, play antakshari, or mimicry. Now you have to apply your brain exactly at which point you can propose. May be you can dedicate a song to him/her while strumming the guitar or enact a filmy proposal scene and believe me that would be so much fun. You would always remember this day!


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Climbing up the balcony

Now this one is quite risky! But what is love without taking a bit of risk? This idea have been tried and tested by many people and we have seen it in many movies. But the thrill and excitement of this proposal idea is something very romantic which I guess would be swallowed down by your lover quite well. Just remember one thing that the room of your lady-love has to have a balcony otherwise you may end up being beaten. Choose a time when the neighborhood is deep asleep, around 2-3 A.M. Take help from friends who would be there to carry you back home in case someone sees you amidst the act. Don’t forget to carry a stalk of red rose for her and she is all yours!


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Pre-planned date

Generally people have a very normal habit of being taken aback or surprised when you propose him/her. Just to be different you can celebrate the Propose Day by making the date a pre-planned one. The one you are in love with already knows that you have some special feelings towards this person. Because these kind of feelings show up from attitude. You cannot actually suppress your feelings and act in front of this very special person. So, before Propose Day, say about your special feeling and plan for a date. Also ask this person, how he/she would like to get a proposal. Then, select a venue like community center, art exhibition, long drive, garden, terrace, Movie Theater, etc. – it can be anywhere. Now, propose the love of your life as wished by him/her. This would be really fun and then you can have a Propose Day like no one else ever had.

pre planned date

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With technology

God forbid, if you and that special person of love are away from each other, how are you going to propose? With technology you can alleviate the distance of miles between you and your sweetheart. Play your video camera and record a proposal video with red roses and teddy bears or perfumes or anything that is loved by this person. On Propose Day, send this video to him/her and also make sure the gifts with which you were proposing in the video also reaches to your lover in time. Place an online order for Propose Day gifts and have a great time ahead.

propose over phone

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Don’t be afraid of rejection because love is never rejected, it just moves from one form to other. So, even if the person you are proposing ignores you, be happy that you had the courage to utter the truest feelings of your heart which many don’t have.