7 Different Types of Friends & Best Friendship Day Gifts for them

Because Every Type of Friend is Important!

There’s an old saying that, “Good friends are like stars – you don’t always see them but you know that they are always there”. The moment we are born we are related to our family and relatives instantly and we don’t choose them. After a few years of birth when a child starts going out to parks and schools, he/she forms friendship with others and these “friends” are the first in the list that they choose for themselves. Some of the friends remain for life while some leave after school, change of accommodation or city, college, office, etc. But all these people always leave some kind of impact and imprint in our mind. All these crazy people are unique in their way and not a single one can be replicated. Yes, you may find a few resemblance of these friends in some other people but the uniqueness remains with them only!


Remembering those crazy nerd types of friends today because those morons are really important. We all have different types of friends in our groups. Let’s see how many can you relate to your friends!!! Also think of the Friendship Day Gifts you will give them:

  1. The Dumbass: Every friend group has a Dumbass friend who is our version of ‘Phoebie’ who could ask you, “Why did you forget the One Time Password?” He or she sort of kills you every time with the heights of stupidity so very easily is the most wanted person in the parties. In serious moments of heated arguments, you would always find ‘this genius’ stating something so awkward that you are bound to leave your anger in one go. Because making this one understand the gravity of the situation would be your wastage of time. But you still cannot do without this friend.


  1. The Great Foodie: Don’t you think a biopic should be made on your foodie friend? You may actually write a script narrating the childhood of this foodie, how his/her food habits changed over time, how the look of this person changed over time, and finally when he is stranded in a lonely island how he/she survives without food! A brilliant way to take revenge on this friend who has always snatched your piece of cherry over the cake, the last piece of pizza, at least in imagination. See, if you come up with a bound story, who knows even a Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap may invest money on your project. As you become rich with a movie in your kitty, you can treat this friend more with some lovely food. Foodie people have the cleanest heart because all their energy is driven in sprinkling the oregano or putting some extra cheese in the sandwich so they don’t have the time to think much about the world. For God’s Sake, do you think there is world food shortage due to your friend?


  1. The Traveler: There is so much sexiness in him/her and the travelling stories have got a lot to do with that trait. The never-ending stories of meeting a stranger in some hill station, smoking up with the local tribes, having food in coconut shells plate, or experiencing a super-natural incident, etc. make this friend another most wanted in all parties. Everyone generally loves him/her for this travelling nature. The most irritating feature of this person is that they think “all problems can be solved by travelling the world”. If that’s the case, don’t you think my traveler friend, “the Prime Ministers should travel the world rather than wasting time in conference room with foreign delegates or chief of states”.


  1. The Dreamer: Sleeping or not, this friend is always dreaming rather very busy dreaming. They live in an idealistic world where every character responds to them the way it is demanded. They would have an easy or rather a bizarre way out of all situation. They are also the chatterbox kind who would leave no stones unturned to eat up your brain. But with their funny and quirky dream solutions, they often make you laugh probably! This kind of people are quite similar to the character Ali played by Uday Chopra in the Dhoom movie series. The moment he sees a girl, in his mind she is already wearing a bridal wear and riding on his bike! These people should really sleep more in real sense.


  1. The Selfie Queen: The latest technology has given us a tool named smartphone which is almost equivalent to laptops and PC’s in many ways. But there’s a limit of communicating also and this is what these people never get! Some selfie queens are so self-obsessed that it takes a toll on the mental health of healthy people. For example, she will tag you in an unbelievable post on facebook that “feeling pure” and “taking dip at the Ganges”. Don’t you also feel that she should leave her phone right while taking the dip in the river? Ok you are out with friends group and this person is constantly clicking pictures of food, wine, and god forbid the bartender also as “he is cute”! You cannot even eat or drink properly in presence of this person. And believe me she is the most selfish of all friends because you would never find a good click of yours or any of your friends from her camera! She takes snaps while sleeping also to keep a check how the skin is looking currently! Snatch her phone


  1. The Drinker-Tanker: This one is the commonest of all friend groups of this world perhaps. There are two types of drinkers – a) one who would challenge you that he/she is a tanker and no one can beat him/her with gallons of drinks but trips after the fifth or sixth peg in each party, b) the other one is the silent drinker who would drink the most and still would carry people around from restroom to bedroom. In any kind of occasion, presenting a gift like a cushion with caption “booze more, live more”, shot glasses with funny images is satisfying. The one who trips first should be given a book titled, “How to drink faster, be ok, and influence friends?”


  1. The Filmy Hero: Every new release or old classic movie is at his fingertips. From imitating the bell bottoms pants of Rishi Kapoor in the 70’s to white shoes of Jeetendra of 60’s, the Dev Anand hats or caps to Salman Khan Bracelet – you would find all these things in his closet. His room looks more like a film set and you are always answered in some “filmy quote”. He is funny, quirky, creative, stylish, and of course someone who keeps the get-together moments a light hearted one. He is also the one who always lends you shirts or t-shirts or any kind of accessories. For such a friend, just hand over a collection of film DVD’s to him on Friendship Day and all the movies should be on friendship.


Friendship day has a great value to every person who values friends. Whether you have grown up watching Friends Series or have always thought of living like them, Friends are the most important people in our lives. They help us when the whole world turns our back on us. For some things, while we cannot discuss with our family, these idiots are the perfect people to pour your heart out. So with 6th August as friendships day, send Friendship Day Gifts to your precious friends online and tell them how much they mean to you.