Add Eco-Friendly Colors To Your Home By Bringing Nature Closer…

Author: Eshmeeta Kaur

bring home plants

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From lovely red maple Bonsai to propitious pyramid Bamboo and heart shaped succulents, foliage is the new flower this season. It’s going to rule the minds of the home makers in the upcoming time. Not only does greenery transform the dull area to a happy and alive place, but it’s also eco-friendly way to add extra happy colors to your home.

In today’s hectic and office-oriented work environments, there is no time to relax, no time to distress yourself and no time to relish God’s utmost creation ‘Nature’. Let’s cherish its natural beauty with these plants at home.

According to Fen Chui, real plants bring positivity in your home which will help you to distress yourself like keeping aquarium at home. Also, delivers mental health benefits like fighting cold & cough, relaxes mind, refreshes the mood and reduces tension. And bringing nature to your home just got easier as they are easily available online now-a-days. Just take out take out few minutes and order colorful plants for yourself from

Guys, remember that God has created plants like Red Maple Bonsai and Poinsettia so that man could appreciate beauty of leaves too! Choose the fresh beauty of flowerless green plants to keep the charm alive at your home. Always choose low maintenance and multi-seasonal floras as we all need things that can take care of themselves. Greens like terrarium, Anthurium, Succulents, Bamboo, Red Aglaonema, Money Trees, Areca Palm, Araucaria, Lilies and Purple Passion and snake plants offer clean air, better energy and make the interior space prettier.

Mistakes to Avoid while keeping these green friends in home:-

⦁ Keep little green friends at right location, in a draft area.
⦁ Don’t change their places too frequently.
⦁ Use a pot which has drainage holes at the bottom.
⦁ Choosing wrong flowers and pots: Sense of style is important. Be careful while choosing these beautiful additions as it can make or spoil the entire purpose.
⦁ Over watering or under watering is the easiest way to kill a plant.
⦁ Even indoor plants need indirect sunlight.
⦁ Balance should be the priority while decorating your home so don’t try to fit so many flowers in one area.

Once you make it a routine with your houseplants, it becomes pleasurable to maintain them and well worth the little extra work.