Do You Also Think Your Dad Doesn't Care?

Father's Day

How can we assume that just because they’re our dads, they have to be caring, loving, affectionate and all those things which poets beautifully describe in their poems?

No matter how hard I tried, I could never relate my father with all such write-ups which loudly say ‘fathers are just like mothers’. My father doesn’t ask me where I am when I don’t reach home at my usual time or whether I had my lunch/dinner or did I complete my homework.

My father hardly attended any of my parents-teacher meets throughout my school life. He never bothered to question me am I happy with my new school or what do I want to pursue after my 12th standard. 9 out of 10 times he missed my sports functions, when I really wanted to show him my excellent football skills.

He was always missing and always silent. Yes, my dad doesn’t care.

He didn’t care to show that he was proud when I got first prize in my football match. He never cared to call me back-to-back when I wanted to spend time with my friends. He did not care when my knee was bleeding because he wanted to make me strong.

He didn’t attend my sports day because he was busy earning money so that I get admission in the top football learning institute. He never asked me what I aspire to become because he trusted me and my dreams.

If caring is all about asking questions and showing love in every 10 seconds, then ours dads really don’t care and we all should be happy about it. We should celebrate special day with father’s day gift with our dads telling them of our success and that we are proud of them.

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