An Epitome of Kindness

This is an extraordinary story of a woman, a wife and a mother who proved that she would not stop and deter from her path regardless of the innumerable obstacles. Here is a tale of an utmost determination, undying spirit and the indomitable courage.

Mrs. Chand Soni married to an Army captain at the age of 19 years in the year 1969. She is presently 68 years old and it has been a long journey for her since then. She has two children, a son named Sandeep and a daughter, Sonali, both are well settled in their respective professions. Sandeep is an MD of US based MNC while Sonali is a fashion designer and a CSR expert in craft sector. As a mother, Chand Soni had to face lot of challenges to raise her children. She recalls how she used to prepare late night notes for her son due to his college migration.

Her encounter with difficult times

Her sacrifices paid off as her children are doing well in their lives. However, Karma has its own unique ways and suddenly her life changed completely. It all started when she encountered a sudden behavioural change of her husband after he retired from the post of a brigadier. There were lot of arguments over trivial issues in the house. Things began to deteriorate as time passed by and it was an unfortunate day of 2005, when her husband left Chand Soni after selling the house the couple was living in. Her children tried hard to sort out the differences between their parents but all their efforts remained futile. Unfortunately, her marriage of 43 years came to a halt. All this was enough to break any ordinary woman but she is a woman of different substance.
Instead of lamenting over separation and drowning in grief, she chose to fight and found her way out. Recalling an old incident, Mrs. Soni shared how with the help of her children and other people, she saved the future of poor children. It was long time back when she came to know about a semi-government DAV school located in her locality in Panchkula was about to be shut down due to lack of funds. She was extremely worried as it would cast a shadow on the future of various poor children. She discussed the matter with her son and he immediately agreed to pay the funds for the school. Mrs. Soni also decided to look after the money required for the stationary for the children and soon other people joined her in this drive. Together they saved the future of several children from falling into darkness. She extended her support by giving free tuitions at her house.

Her journey is an inspiration

Both her children encouraged her in this philanthropic endeavour. They were proud as well as happy to see the strength of their mother who did not succumb to the situation, rather gave a new direction to her life. “Being a mother of two, I have always prioritized and valued good education. I am happy to see my children well settled today. However, there are thousands of children who are deprived of basic education. Hence, I initiated a plan to help them out by giving them free tuitions at my place. I believe motherhood is not just confined to oneself. It’s as wide as sky and must be expanded when needed” says Mrs. Chand Soni.

Apart from her passion for quality education to all children, she has recently embraced a Buddhist Council for spiritual enrichment known as Soka Gakkai International (SGI). The organisation has its presence in 192 countries and has a universal mission to heal the problems and sufferings of people across the globe. SGI does not advocate any new form of religion but believes in the improvement of day to day life. She has been working actively as a mentor and teacher with the spiritual group. Talking about her spiritual journey, Mrs. Soni exclaimed that “It is all about Karma, one has to go through his or her Karmic accounts. Keeping one’s faith strong and helping others makes the journey of life much easier.”

Her compassion becomes her strength

Her kindness and philanthropic attitude have earned her immense respect and tremendous love from people around her. The iron lady further reiterated that the doors of her house are always open for anyone who wants to seek love and comfort. Despite of her age, she is in no mood to rest. She has dedicated herself entirely to make people’s lives better. Although, her personal life is not giving her any respite due to the on-going court case with her husband regarding her house. The case has been going on for the past 12 years now. Her strength and determination are clearly unstoppable as she learnt driving at the age of 52 years and got familiar with all banking work.
Although, she is bogged down by a lot of health ailments like Thyroid, blood pressure, high sugar and cholesterol, but none could stop her momentum. She is still full of life and jokingly says that “Age is just a number, I am still young.” She also reads law related books and keeps herself updated about new laws and regulations. She is truly a wonderful woman who is single-handedly battling with the circumstances in her life in spite of her fragile health and age. Mrs. Chand Soni is a woman who has definitely lived the life on her own terms and conditions without bowing down to anyone. We bow to her relentless zeal and resilience.