Gardening for the Li’l Birdie!

Your garden is incomplete without the sound of chirping of birds. It brings in joy and calmness to every soul. Imagine yourself sipping your tea on a pleasant winter morning in your garden with the chirping background score… definitely an enticing picture! Having little sparrows and pigeons in the garden and being surrounded by birdsong is a wonderful way to spend time. These little feathered friends visit us and help in reducing the pests that attack our plants by swallowing hundreds of bugs.

How to Make Your Garden Bird-Friendly?

Prepare Garden for Birds

But, you need to do a little bit and take care of your garden area in a manner that invites birds. For making it more bird-friendly, you must do a little bit more than just hanging a feeder. Small birds eat constantly during the day and they need to be able to find food 365 days a year.

  • Plant a diversified range of plants in your space in order to attract more kinds of birds. They will get natural food such as seeds, fruits, berries, nectar and insects, worms, spiders etc.
  • Apart from food, birds also need to hide and nest. Dense trees in your garden will give them ideal space to nestle and hide them from predators also.
  • Native shrubsare especially attractive, offering food suited to the birds in your area and adding another layer of cover under taller trees.
  • The open-face flowers and which blooms on an upright stalk have seeds that are readily accessible.
  • Once you lured the birds, take care of not poisoning them by gardening organically.
  • Do not cut every dead flower and avoid pruning. Let your garden grow a little wild to keep the birds coming.

These measures will surely help you keep your garden lively and chirping. The birds will reward you by helping control insects, pests, and mosquitoes. Apart from this, you get to get closer to nature and it also makes you feel like having pets. Your garden is going to be a haven for your beautiful little creatures with wings.