This Festive Season Go Green with Air Purifying Plants

Keeping an eye on the recent air quality index, planting more plants have become more important. It was important yesterday also, but, we were perhaps busy in figuring some other projects. Now, when the metro cities like New Delhi & Mumbai are spinning on the worst effects of pollution, it is high time that we become more alert. One idea to spread more awareness about greenery is to start gifting green plants on every occasion. There are certain air-purifying plants discussed below that would give you a fresher oxygen and you would retain a better health.

A study says that we spend most of our times indoor either in our home or in office. Apart from massive air pollution, there are certain things in home or office also that can give you an unhealthy air. Furniture, upholstery, cleaning solutions, synthetic materials, etc. emit toxic formaldehyde and keeping indoor plants thus stops the worst effects of these toxic things.

For the upcoming season of Christmas and New Year, you can thus check the following list of air purifying plants and start gifting.

Peace Lily Plant


Peace Lily: A peace lily plant is a small and cute one which is very easy to grow. This plant has some major air purifying qualities. You can keep this plant under a shade and prevent overwatering for a healthier plant life. This plant removes ammonia, formaldehyde, and benzene from your air. This plant also gives rise to lovely white flowers throughout the summer season. Thus, a lovely fragrance would fill up your home.

Rubber Plant


Rubber Plant: A rubber plant is one of the most tolerant plants that will grow in dim light or indirect sunlight. This is one of the best air purifying indoor plant that absorbs maximum formaldehyde. Formaldehyde-based glues are used on particle board which is used mostly to make the office furniture. So, keeping a rubber plant in the corners would clear the air from formaldehyde and would also add some brightness to your office room.

Bamboo Palm Plant


Bamboo Palm: This is another amazing indoor or outdoor plant that is capable of removing benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. The bamboo palm is a superstar when it comes to cleaning the air. It can grow up to 12 feet and thus your balcony or lawn would look fresher with its bushes.

Ficus Plant


Ficus Plant: Ficus plant loves moderate kind of climate. So, grow it indoors when the temperature is freezing or scorching outside. Otherwise, it can be grown well indoors also. This plant is great at clearing all those toxic things coming out of household objects or via polluted air. This plant requires low maintenance. Even when you have forgotten to water it, a ficus plant won’t die soon. It is, therefore, very good for those people who are just new to the practice of indoor garden.

Dracaena Plant


Dracaena: There are nearly 40 variety of Dracaena plants. They are the foliage plants with long and wide leaves and carry red, white, or cream colored lines in them. Keep this plant away from your pet cats and dogs. Bring this plant home today and purify your air. They are great at removing benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene.

All these plants discussed above have air purifying qualities and as they consume a less space inside the home, they are the best-selling ones in today’s date. So, for this upcoming Christmas and New Year, get a green plant as a gift for all your loved ones.

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