The best 5 flower gardens of India

The number of greenery is decreasing day by day due to massive urbanization and amidst all these scant green color, when you see a blooming floral garden, the mind fills up with happiness. India is a home to 16,000 species of flowering plants and that constitute some 6-7% of the total plant species in the world. Here is a list of our sprawling floral gardens across the country that have some amazingly colorful blooms to show the world.


Mughal garden

Mughal Gardens, Jammu and Kashmir

Whenever you have to start narrating about the lush flower gardens of India, you have to keep this place right at the top. Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and Chashma Shahi are parts of the brand called Mughal Gardens of Jammu and Kashmir. The lawns are neatly manicured, the architecture reminds of the powerful Mughal era, and those fountains speak of the grandeur of those rich kingdoms that breathed in our country. Mughals form a very special part of our history books and their artistic taste has always remained a favorite subject of the creative intellectuals. Dahlia, carnation, aster, chrysanthemum, marigold, nemesia, pansy, daisy, are some of those blooms which mesmerize our soul. The beauty of this garden is truly a poetic one instigating a perfect sight for many old Bollywood movies. It is open for public viewing every day except Friday from 9 A.M till 6 P.M.


lal BaghLal Bagh, Bengaluru:
More than just a flower garden, this place is a botanical garden spread lavishly across 40 acres of land. In the whole South Asia region, this garden is known to be the most diverse one. The father of Tipu Sultan, Hyder Ali, constructed this garden. In the hands of the garden superintendent, John Cameron, the population of plant species found here is about 1854. You would find an alluring clock made of flowers and decoratively it is surrounded by snow white and seven dwarfs. One would be dumbstruck with the horse-riding statue of Chamarajendra Wadiyar of Mysore. In January and in August, this garden organizes a flower show which is quite famous among botanists and flower or nature lovers. There are so many architectures there made out of flowers and that is a mark of dedication and creative thinking. One must visit here once in a lifetime to see the glamor of flowers in style.


Rock garden


Rock Garden, Chandigarh:
While talking about Rock Garden, again I would like to say that there is so much more than flowers here that it leaves you flabbergasted. There are so many other things to look into that you would suddenly get immersed into parallel things of our existence. There are at least 2000 effigies made out of broken glass bangles, bathroom sinks, bicycle frames, stones left over while villages were destroyed to make this city, and all other junks that we discard. It would give you a confidence that waste is also never wasted. The spectacular waterfall, manicured garden, bridges, staircases, amphitheaters, narrow gulches, and an ethnic market makes this place a cross between our so-called urban civilization and nature at large. This garden was master-minded by Nek Chand who was the road inspector of Chandigarh in the late 50’s. Some unique flowers are found here like, poached egg, purple stars, seaside flora, Aubrieta, Catchfly Blooms, etc.


Lodhi garden

Lodhi Garden, New Delhi:
Every inch of this garden is beautiful. You could still feel the dynamism of the once thunderous Sayyid and Lodi dynasties of 15th Century that reigned over the country. There is a tomb surrounding which the plush greenery and blooms have grown. It is a place for early risers to jog and do some yoga in the fresh air. Many notable political leaders are also found taking a stroll inside the garden. One would also find the profound ingenious work of the Mughals in the architecture of Shish Gumbad, Bara Gumbad, Muhamad Shah Sayyid and Sikandar Lodhi. It was initially known as Willingdon Park but after our independence, the name was permanently changed to Lodhi Garden. The whole area of this wide garden is about 90 acres. If you want a brush of the history of this city along with some lovely views, a visit to this garden is a must.



Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Jammu & Kashmir:
Tulips are rare, at least in our country. But that myth would be broken once you visit this magnanimous garden. This Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden of Siraj Bagh of Jammu & Kashmir is the largest tulip garden of Asia continent. This twelve-hectare land is surrounded with at least 70 types of tulip and rose flowers. But as tulips are more in number and found only here, so the name adheres to this flower only and not roses. The location of this amazing flower garden is on the foothills of Zabarwan Range that have a breath-taking view of the Dal Lake. Therefore, one is surely going to have a lovely time with nature while visiting this place. The annual Tulip Festival just ended here on 15th April and it witnesses a huge footfall every year.

Someone have rightly said that the earth laughs in flowers. The beauty and innocence of a flower can never be totally captured with cameras, poems, paintings or any other form of art. And this slight begrudging is good to keep the eyes open to the beauty of flowers in a real sense.