Birthday At 30

birthday at 30

Birthday’s see a stark hormonal change, post 30’s. You seem to find several weird symptoms such as; forgetting your own birth date, your true dilemma lies not in ‘What birthday gift you want?’ but ‘What to do?’Planning a birthday party which was always fun suddenly becomes a chore.

You have thus ventured the final stage which every person irrespective of the gender or food habits or genetics have to undergo – ‘The Grown-up Stage’. You could always take an off from work but then you really have to save a day for your brother’s marriage in October, you have to send your car for servicing and your leave balance shows that you are already bleeding and…Ghosh! What have you become? A real GROWN-UP.

A birthday cake is all you can manage to have at work on your birthday, minus the birthday song which makes you smile in embarrassment.Your birthday wish while blowing the candle changes from a luxurious one to a meagre- leave me alone and let me sleep complete face of the clock. There are no free lunches and dinners too. So you end up hitting a large credit card statement on some lousy colleagues.

Suddenly, the clock has struck 10:01and you are dead sleepy. After all you have to go to work tomorrow morning too.

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