Blooms… Brightening Up Your Room!

Having a garden is a great fun that every flower lover enjoys. The ecstatic experience of growing the flowers and watering the beauty yourself is beyond compare for people who find peace in their lush green open spaces with sprinkling colors. One of the joys of growing roses is bringing them in the house. Be it a single bloom in a vase, using them in arrangements or just floating them in bowls on the table; rose blooms brighten up any room. When they are also fragrant so much the better!

To keep your cut rose blooms looking fresh for as long as possible there are a couple of things you can do. They are not difficult but well worth doing.

cutting garden flowers

Following are the tips for cutting roses and keeping them fresh in the vase:
Cut the flowers in early morning when they’re fully hydrated.
For longest vase life, choose flowers in the late bud stage, outer petals already open, flowers not fully open.

utting flowers from garden

Carry a clean container filled with cool water so you can immerse stems fully, immediately after cutting.


Once taken inside, re-cut the stems another inch or so, while holding them under water.
This step ensures that no air bubbles are blocking the water uptake channels.


Once re-cut in this way, keep the stems fully immersed in water until ready to arrange.
Strip off lower leaves, as foliage standing in water can lead to bacterial growth.
For longest vase life focus on keeping tools and containers clean.
Be scrupulous in cleaning containers and vases: after use, wash well; before next use, rinse again.
Fill vases nearly full with cool fresh water so that all the stems including the shorter ones are immersed as much as possible.
Change the vase water every day or so.
Lift flowers from the vase to re-cut stems every 2 to 3 days, to refresh water uptake.


Once flowers are arranged, place the vase out of direct sunlight, as cut flowers last longer when kept cool.
Place the flowers in the corner which is visible from a larger part of your living area and experience the beautiful and soulful ambience around you!

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