Broken resolutions

broken resolutions

The onset of the deadly date (31st December) calls for a task that remains incomplete for days to come. The days stretch to months and months stretch to another year. This task is fondly known as “resolutions”. Since we started putting two and two together, it was drilled in our mind that resolutions are the door to a “New Year New You” campaign.

Here’s to the most popular New Year resolutions that never made it past 20th January:

  1. Studying and coming first in class

This was the sequel to “Santa gifts only good girls and boys”. If Santa forgot to gift you, you immediately took upon the task of writing impossible resolutions. To make it past the month of January, you would paste the resolution list on the refrigerator and closet.


  1. Losing weight

A task that starts after gorging on everything edible at the New Year party and ends up with gaining another kg at office party. You complete a full circle and realize this task is impossible to finish and leave it for next year’s list.


  1. Learning time management

The need for time management begins when you snooze your alarm three times only to realize you are already late for office. Things at office aren’t smooth either, you forget to make the presentation on time and hence the task of “learning time management” rises out of the burial grounds of your worth ethics.


  1. No more partying

All because it’s time to focus on your career and settle down. With the amount of lecture you get from your parents, you decide to give a gift of “no more parties” to them. This of course won’t be viable for more than a week.


  1. Being nice to the neighbour

No matter how many times their pet “freshens” up your garden, it is always important to Love Thy Neighbour. It’s time to start being nice to your neighbour who tolerated your “I am a rock guitarist” phase.

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