My Brother… My Hero!

Things we might have not spoken to each other are the most important ones. The ones which silently intensified the love and brought us closer. A brother and sister share a unique bond which they can share with no other person in the family or world and so do we! I grew up idealizing my dad as my hero and overlooked that sweet person who never left my side, protected me from the world and went out of the way to help me a several times. Today, I want to speak out loud about the moments that line up and form a memory trail inside my mind.

Here are some of the reasons which makes me say I am fortunate to have a brother…

1) I remember how we copied the WWF fights… Sunday mornings used to be reserved for such wacky activities. Even after being scolded repeatedly by mum, you locked my limbs and tested my strength. I used to get annoyed every time you pinned me down but it made me strong eventually!


2) I can never forget how you pushed me while practicing roller skating, you left my hand and let me fall a number of times, which made me learn the art of flying on the floor!


3) Every time that you went out of your way and got things for me, you made sure I got what I wanted. From a designer jacket to a scrumptious chocolate truffle cake at midnight, I never had to ask for anything twice.


4) You have been the one who defended me whenever it came to my job and weird lifestyle. Late hours of work, crazy friends a lazy attitude and an impulsive behaviour… you never complained!


5) You digested all my secrets without even a burp in front of mum & dad. All those crazy trips with friends and late night-outs would have never been possible without your support and zipped mouth.


From being my ready-made humour package to the one who understands my terminology and jokes, from shooing away troubles to fanning off things that bother me… you have always been my hero! And all I can say in the end is THANK YOU for being the best brother in the world!

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