How to bake a perfect cake by resolving the common baking problems?

Everybody loves a cake which is delicious, soft and has a perfect visual appearance to make any occasion really special in more than one way. A yummy cake is always on the wish list of people when they are celebrating a particular occasion or event.

Although, we all want a perfect cake for any special moment but baking the one is actually more difficult than ordering a cake from a bakery store. There are numerous baking problems which cake bakers have to resolve in order to make the mouth-watering cake for your special occasion. Take a quick look at all these problems and take steps to resolve them one by one for a perfect cake.

Home backed Cake

Check that the cake does not have any peaks and cracks- There are times when your baked cake has numerous peaks and cracks that could emerge out of more than one reasons. These reasons could be:

  • The presence of an excessive rising agent during the preparation of cake that has caused the cake to rise beyond a particular limit.
  • The tin that was used to hold the cake was not available in proper size.
  • You may have set the oven temperature as too high that may have caused the cake to rise before actually setting up properly.

So, in order to resolve all such problems, you need to ensure the proper amount of the rising agent, adequate size of the tin and optimum level of oven temperature during the baking of the cake.

Your baked cake may be too dense- For ensuring the proper rising of your cake, you need to beat the cake batter for a long time in order to get the right amount of air bubbles. The proper amount of air bubbles can ensure that the dough is soft enough for the wonderful cake. There could also be another reason for a dense cake like the quick addition of eggs into the batter which leads to curdle or the absence of proper amount of rising agent.

Your batter is overflowing inside the oven- In order to ensure that the cake batter placed inside the oven does not overflow, you need to check that the tin used is of ideal size and is not too small for the contents of the cake batter.

Your cake is sunken- By opening the oven repeatedly to check the progress of your cake, the cool air from outside can enter the oven which could greatly affect the setting ability of the cake centre. Apart from this, you need to check that the cake is cooked for the right amount of time, the cake pan is not made to sit idle for a long time and the rising agent is added in the right quantity to ensure that the cake is baked properly without any problem.

Your cake batter has air bubbles on the top- If you have left the cake batter for a long time, the air bubbles can rise on the top making problems in the perfect baking of the cake. To avoid this situation, you need to preheat the oven before keeping and mixing the cake ingredients together into the oven. It should be noted that the cake mixture should be immediately poured into the baking dish and placed inside the oven for the better preparation of cake.

The edges of the cake are soggy- Sometimes, if you have allowed the cake to remain in the tin for a long time after the cooking, the edges can condensate and attract the moisture easily. For avoiding the above situation, you need to first cool the cake on a cooling rack so that it is on par with the room temperature and does not become soggy at all.

The cake might be overcooked by you- Overcooking can spoil the taste, texture and colour of the cake to a great extent. For ensuring that the cake is cooked properly, you need to check the baking instructions properly, use the adequate size tin and use the appropriate oven temperature for cooking the cake in the right manner.

The cake is stuck inside the tin- This is one of the common problems that is encountered by many people while baking a cake. If you want to avoid this situation, you need to apply proper grease or lining along the cooking tin. You can use the Parchment paper for ensuring that the cake emerges out from the tin without any problem.

Your cake may appear to be burnt from outside but may be uncooked from inside- This situation mostly occurs when the cake appears to be in brown colour from outside giving the indication of being cooked but is actually uncooked from inside. To overcome this baking problem, you need to recheck the cooking temperature in the recipe along with the right oven cooking mode. Most of them, people go for broiling which is not the right strategy at all for cooking a cake. Further, you need to place the cake in the centre from the top to bottom inside the oven and check for the right size of the tin for holding the cake. There are instances when a bake placed in a small size tin or baked on a high temperature gets cooked from the top but remains raw from inside in the actual scenario.

The cake consists of crusty edges- You need to ensure that the sides of the tin are not over greased in order to avoid the frying of the sides. Similarly, don’t keep the sides as under greased as it could lead to crusty edges. So, the right way is to keep the greasing as moderate based on the requirement of your cake. The reason for the above problem could be the overcooking of the cake for a long time or the use of improper fat for the baking purposes.

So, making a perfect cake requires the skill of a craftsman, the precision of a surgeon and the enthusiasm or interest of a painter so that your efforts are well worth the result you have obtained. Remember, baking a cake is not a child’s play at all but you could achieve the mastery in it by following the certain guidelines and avoiding the above-mentioned baking mistakes. Enjoy your delicious cake for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion to make its a really memorable affair for everyone.