What Should I Call Him?

brother sister

There are so many adjectives I can use to describe my brother. Starting from the mean ones because those are the ones that come to my mind first, how about bully? Or blackmailer? Yes perfect. These are the ones that fit him. But there are also other adjectives that I have come to use since he’s shifted abroad. Partner in crime might suit him now, after twenty years of being the overprotective bully, he’s finally realized that he can be the perfect go-to person.

Knowing who is worthy of his little sister, silently sweeping away the ones who don’t fit in the shoes of the escalated bar of worthiness and sometimes not so silently. And when he realizes that you have found someone worthy to have you, he will do everything to make you happy. Whether he has to hide this fact from your parents until the right time comes or working hard just so you can have the wedding of your dreams, you know he will do it all.

Their antics still bring a smile to our faces. And when we tell our friends how he used to bully us, you always hear, “Oh god! He was such a tyrant!” But you know how many more times you hear this line, your love for him increases. After all he was the one who hid about the vase that you broke and both of you silently blamed the cat. And he was the one who taught you how to hit, just so you could learn to protect yourself. What adjective can I use to describe him then? Bhaiyya! Nothing else describes him better!

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