Celebrate Corporate Events with Ferns N Petals


It is well said that life is too short to cover all the important events that occur. Corporate events are the one that need complete attention from you. It helps you build the base of good relationship in business. It also helps as a marketing tool for new companies to place themselves well in the industry and make their presence felt.

EXDFNP128 GWD540 Leather-Stand-for-office-stationary

With Ferns n Petals, we can help you in making your events even livelier and add feathers to any event organized for the benefit of the Company. From corporate meeting to in house functions or huge corporate events, we stand by you to make them a grand success. All that is required to do is visit the nearest store of Ferns n Petals and order from the large variety of event themes and corporate gifts available. The selected gift articles will be sent to your given address in almost no time.

Gifts and gift hampers differ from occasion to occasion. At some occasions such as in-house celebration for promotion, birthdays, farewell, achievements etc., gift s starting from cakes, chocolates, flowers and desktop items can be given. In order to send greeting to the clients, one always thinks over good gift hampers. With ferns n petals, issues for corporate gifts does not exist. gift hampers from fruit basket to chocolate hampers or corporate stationary gift sets all are available with wide range to choose from.

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other Corporate gifts such as candles and fragrances or gift articles such as Buddha statue or Eco-friendly gifts of fresh healthy plants are also good gifts options available with ferns n petals to choose from.

FNPHamper2 EXDFNP150 Bonsai45cm

You can even visit our website www.fnp.com and order from the wide collection available.

So why wait? Step in the fnp store and step out with the best ever corporate event organised and add stars to the quality of your Company. We at ferns n petals offer the best quality service just for you.

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