Cheers to all of you!!

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes…..
Christmas is all around me, and so the feeling grows.

Do you believe in the magic of Christmas? Well, I Do! However bogged down you may feel due to your failures, you will absorb the confidence to fight again and feel happier with the Christmas air around you. Life is never meant to be a smooth road. It will bring forth its potholes at moments when you are not prepared to face the grim reality. But all these accidental situations give a meaning and direction to your life and out of all these dark incidents – you come out as a better person. The scale of Christmas celebration in European and American countries is bigger than India. You can send goodies to your friends using services like Christmas wines for Europe and USA and make sure that they are also in that happy mood of Christmas.

Cheers to life

Life is abundant and is the best thing to happen to all of us. Here are the 10 reasons to say Cheers to Life

• While raising a toast in Christmas and saying Cheers, a drink from one’s glass should be spilled to others glasses. It has a significance that nobody is going to poison you. This positive thinking is enough to lead a good life.

• The feeling to be someone in the crowd: who would see the clear sky of winter, who would hear the daffodils singing in joy, who would shout like a rowdy in rock shows – isn’t that enough to celebrate life.

• Thinking about the lost past would bring tears, thinking about the unsure future would bring fear, therefore, this is the day my friend to say Cheers to all and close all the gates of tear and fear.

• See yourself from the eyes of a beggar who manages to eat half a meal per day, you would suddenly understand the value of your life and how better you are living in.

• Have you ever thought of a cancer patient who is counting his/her days towards death? Well, that person is the one who believes in living for the moment as there is nothing to lose. You are fit and fine so get up and toast a jolly Cheers to life.

• It’s an age old saying that – you get exactly what you want and deserve which is far better than your desire. In case your desire is still not fulfilled, you have to want that desire more passionately. And for that raise another toast to yourself.

• This is the life that made you taste the luscious wines. Wine in blood makes you a wiser person. Who knows all your problems may wither away with another sip of it.

• You don’t need to be better than the rest. You just need to think, how you have improved from yesterday and that would keep you motivated towards success.

• Whatever you think, you bring that to life. Think negative and something wrong would hamper you. Therefore, stay calm and positive to say Cheers as every day is a new day.

• Last but not the least, always remember, no man ever achieved his desired success smoothly. They had to walk through many harsh pastures. And in the end of the journey, you would be a winner evaluating that you survived all through.

Life is all about celebration. Struggles would show the results once the right time comes and when the right time arrives, you are left flabbergasted. Cheers to this lovely life!

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