A chocolate a day… makes your romance sway!

No matter how hard you fight, there is always one thing that can fix it all and that’s called CHOCOLATE. Seems like the heavenly dessert has got the power to rule every relationship. It is one of the sweetest and universally accepted ways to apologize, as it melts any amount of grief in no time. The indulging taste takes people to another world altogether and leaves them there for some time, making them experience the true cocoa delight.
The market is flooded with more than a hundred types of chocolates which are made to bring joy to the gifting side in every relationship. We bring to you five most desirable and chocolacious gifts that are a must order!

Chocolates are loved for the way they melt in the mouth. Every piece proves to be an instant source of happiness. If your spouse is upset with you over something, these assorted chocolates, packed elegantly in a bright hued box, will melt all the sorrows. We ensure a bright smile on their face as they receive it.

Regular_V1_DV (1)

When you think your partner is a little more than upset with you, couple the indulgence of chocolates with the sweetness of a cute teddy bear along with a box full of cookies of his/her choice. This lovely way of saying ‘sorry’ would surely make a difference and bring your romance back to normal.

Regular_V1_DV (3)

Chocolates have a history of being valued since ever! No matter what, this magical dessert always end up adding sweetness to moments. Is your beau saddened by something you did last week? Choose an antiquated wooden box, brimming with her favourite chocolates and send it across. This box full of heavenly delights ensures an affirmative reply.



Here is a beautiful bouquet-like arrangement for your beloved for the hurtful things you did unknowingly. Send her the sweet gesture which surely will wash off all the mistakes in a second. This lovely choco-bouquet on her doorstep is an amazing idea to surprise her and make your relationship regain the same old romantic momentum.



When you love someone more than anything in the world, regular doesn’t count in your list. So, we suggest this out of the box form of expression of your feelings to your beloved. If she is a chocolate-lover, this cake would surprise her to no extremes.

Apologizing to your love for miserable goof-ups helps recreating the magic of togetherness because it lets you express love and love, when expressed every now and then, is strengthened!

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