Choose A Perfect Gift For Every Type Of Dad

Just because our dads don’t make fuss of anything we gift them, doesn’t mean that gifting on Father’s Day is not tough. Why should we stop at something ordinary for the person who is beyond extraordinary? After all, fathers are the ones who taught us how to play catch-catch, the perfect knot of a tie, and how to knock down an annoying one (okay, that’s a little secret I just revealed).

Still stumped on what to get your dad on this Father’s Day? Just chill and check out these cool gift ideas such as fathers day greeting card, flowers, cakes and perfumes for different types of dads.

1. The Barbecue Expert Dad

Gone are the days when moms used to be the chef of the home. Dads love to cook too, if not everything, at least they enjoy trying their cooking skills over barbecuing/grilling. If your dad too falls under this category, then the latest model of portable BBQ would be perfect for him for this Father’s Day.

2. The Picture Perfect Dad

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. The picture perfect dad is the one who is tip-top, from the perfectly set collars to the shining boots. The best gifts for this daddy would be his favorite brand’s wrist watch or sunglasses, a tie & cuff-link set, a leather wallet or a perfume.

3. The Foodie Dad

Now this category needs no introduction, does it? If your father’s a foodie too, then a gourmet basket full of his favorites will definitely best fathers day gift. Other than this, you can also plan a date with your dad at that one restaurant he wished to explore one day.

4. The Alcohol Aficionado Dad

Love of alcohol is almost synonymous with dads. If gifting him a bottle of wine is too bold a step to take, then be on a safer side and gift him a bar tool set on this daddy’s day.

5. The Home Obsessed Dad

If your dad prefers listening to your continuous blabbering at home over a glass of chilled beer with friends, then he is definitely a home obsessed. The perfect gifts for such dads would be a personalized cushion, a beer mug with a lovely quote, the latest video game, movie DVD or phone, his favorite author’s novel if he enjoys reading and a coffee maker (he needs the most when mom’s not around).

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