Here Come The Monday Blues..


The week starts and you are already going through the terrible case of Monday blues. You try to pass the day as quietly as possible without evoking the little devil called “argument”. When suddenly the clock strikes one to remind you that it’s time to pick up your cold lunchbox and face the daily routine of mindless chit-chat.The time of judgment comes and you are told your boss wants to see you. While trying to keep all your nerves under control, you know you have already screwed up. Just the mention of “report” sends a twitching sensation up your spine and you resigned yourself to hear the non-stop rants.

As if this situation of bickering at the office wasn’t enough, here comes the reminder that it is your mother-in-law’s birthday today. Had she been in the same city, you could have “tried” to whip up some surprise to make your partner believe that you indeed didn’t forget. You try to unearth some way to help you with the situation. What can you do? Create a website of your own in the remaining four hours of the day? In your hopeless situation, that even seems like an option. Or you could just feign Amnesia or plead for temporary insanity under the circumstances.

But life is not a Bollywood movie where such ideas come to life. The executioners are waiting and you are a dead man walking when suddenly an idea struck you on the head or kicked you in the rear instead. What about ordering the unique gift and getting it delivered on the same day? Your colleague had indeed mentioned about a great website and this might be the great way to test it. To your utter surprise, it does get delivered on time and you are saved before getting executed for such a despicable crime.

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