Here comes the time for Taurus……


taurus3Taurus, famously known as the Bulls is the second sign of the Zodiac family. People born between April 21 and May 21 fall under this sign. These people generally have a strong will and carry great determination and stubbornness. In Egypt legends, Taurus was referred to cow goddess Hathor was an embodiment of beauty, love, happiness, and luxury. Roman astrologers said that Taurus is ruled by Venus which is the goddess of beauty and Earth.

Positive Attributes:

  • The Taurus are those people whom you can call the storehouse of generosity. They are always ready to help friends, family, and relatives. Even if they have to go through hardship or loss, they would still be your most reliable helping hand when you are in need.
  • Taurus are generally the Mr. or Miss Dependable of the group. You can always trust a Taurus with conviction and they would never let you down. For this attribute, they are often recognized as great workers, colleagues, or employees.
  • They know that they are full of energy and creativity but still, they are down to earth. You know success never goes in their head and you would always find a Taurus very polite, tender, and carry a pleasing personality.
  • Taurus people know how to remain patient in all situation. They have a wonderful belief that the job has to be done rightly and for that, they are in no hurry. So, my friend excellence and perfection are the goals of Taurus just like Rancho of 3 Idiots.
  • Taurus people can never remain in the cage. They are always mentally and financially free. When life throws a lemon at them, they know to support that with a shot of Vodka rather than seeking at others.
  • The clarity of a certain goal or ambition always keeps them motivated. Once they know their true call, all their efforts go in that direction. So, being persistent is another important attribute they possess.
  • Failures cannot diminish their spirit. So, they will never give up.

Negative Attributes:

  • You would never come across any stubborn creature as a Taurus person. This stubbornness leads them to great places but sometimes, it dawns to gloom also. They are so inflexible at times that when they cannot logically win an argument they would just refuse to listen to you.
  • They don’t want to hurt anyone but their ambition and goal are all for them and in achieving that they sometimes become very rude to others. So, basically, they are self-indulgent or self-centered.
  • If you know anyone who is as hardworking as lazy, they must be belonging to Taurus! They won’t move an inch if they are not in the mood.
  • They have a luxurious flavor and love to be soaked in ultimate riches and for that, they become crude materialistic.
  • They are very possessive. If they think they love you, it is very normal for them to question you about every aspect of your life.

Following are the important aspects of Taurus to know:

Ruling Planet: Venus

Compatible signs with Taurus: Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Leo

Lucky colors for Taurus: Blue, Blue-Green

Lucky gems for Taurus: Turquoise

Lucky Day for Taurus: Monday, Friday.

Lucky Numbers for Taurus: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51

Unique gift ideas for Taurus Men & women

Musical treat: They have an artistic mind and love every aspect or category of art and creativity. Music blows their mind in a terrific way. Get a nice CD stuffed with music collected from across the world or get any musical instrument as a gift for Taurus people.

Ticket to concerts: As said earlier that Taurus people love the idea of art and creation. The bets kind of gift for them would, therefore, be a ticket to some play, movie, musical show, dance stage performance. You would instantly become their best friend if you get them such gift.

Food and dine: They are luxurious at heart and thus a perfect celebration idea for them includes a lot of food. So, you have to plan for a lavish dinner idea at home or outside. Ensure that you feed him/her with great food and wine. Always keep the best chocolate for dessert. Or just hand over a basket of imported chocolates when you are just about to call it a night.

Spa gifts: Taurus people somehow are very self-centered and they think the whole world revolves around them. So, the idea of pampering the self would be an instant hit for Taurus men and women. You would easily get spa gift basket in any online shop to surprise them.

Calendar: They love to remain focused at work because they always work in a plan. They are the perfect workers any company can hire because they would surpass the expectations of their boss’s to reach perfection. A designer calendar or desk calendar would do great. You can also think of personalizing the calendar.

I hope this gift guide would be helpful in shopping the perfect gift for the Taurus people you have in your life. Wish them a happy birthday and get the gifts after studying these personality attributes.