Corporate Gifting Ideas – tips, advice & etiquette

Good Luck Plant HamperGifting is a beautiful tradition, once invented to show gratitude and respect to one another. This beautiful practice has a good record of bringing people closer. Human psyche is so designed that when one receives a gift, the mind feels association and connection with the sender. Gift is an abstract term, different people can define it the way they perceive it or think about it. Something can have a gift value for me and be vague for you at the same time, which makes gifting a tactful thing. These days, apart from expressing your personal feelings, corporate gifting is also catching up at a good pace. Big or small, no matter what the size is, every company is taking up this practice of felicitating employees, thanking professional partners or wishing clients on special days.

As the trends have changed, organizations have started to wish employees on festivals and other significant days with a gift. Yesteryears hold the memories of offices giving away sweets on special days, but the time has changed now and so is the corporate world. Festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid, New Year, Christmas, birthdays and weddings of the employees, etc., are the days when most of the corporate gifting comes in.

As an employer, you can have different people to address on different occasions. While gifting keep it in mind that presentation matters a lot. Your gift should look beautiful and should be packed well. The gift should be of some use to the recipient. A gift with a good utility is always remembered for a long time. Your gift carries your brand’s reputation, hence it should be a good quality product. Keep a little creativity alive. Whether in packing or in the nature of the gift, try to be creative if possible. Always keep in mind to whom are you sending the gift. A cheap gift never interests people.

Corporate gift ideas for clients

Buddha With LuckYour clients are the people who keep your business run in order. These people must be made felt valued. Always keep a record of their special days like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding and so on. A small gift on such days with a hand-written note will hold great importance and will make your name in their good books. You can send something like a classic set of tie and cufflinks, a branded grooming set, perfume or a plant such as a bonsai. As mentioned earlier, a gift with utility is always appreciated and makes your client recall your name every time they use it.

Corporate gift ideas for employees

Your employees are special. Period. No company has every succeeded without the efforts of its employees. They should be made feel valued every now and then. Except for the incentives and the monetary benefits, a little token of appreciation helps them do better next time. You can find a range of gifts online, to choose from. It can be a hamper of edible items like chocolates, cookies and green tea, a home décor item like a lantern or an electronic lamp or a candle set, a stationery item like a set of a pen and a diary, etc.

Always remember, a gift that you give your employees always comes back to you in the form of their performance later on.

Corporate Gifting according to Occasions

Corporate Gifting comes in heavily as the occasions arrive. Especially the festivals, employers start their search for an innovative gift. Apart from the incentives, gifts are considered important on big days like Diwali, Holi, Christmas and New Year. There is an array of corporate gifts available online, which you can choose from. From sweets to stationery to food hampers to unique gifts and show pieces, the online portals have it all. There is a range of premium gifts for the Tier 1 officials.

Corporate gifting ideas for Diwali

Perfect BlendKeeping in mind the position, we suggest you the absolutely exceptional range of gifts with the finest quality. The leather stuff, lamps, diaries, pens, ceramic items, fibre photo frames, etc. can be one of your choice. There is a fancy yet classic range of silver thali and beautiful brass idols which can be a perfect choice for corporate Diwali gifting. Your client or a corporate partner would be overwhelmed with such a festive gesture.

Corporate gifting ideas for Christmas

You can pick something bright and beautiful for Christmas too. Candles and a Christmas tree being the best choices for the occasion, you can add more festivity to the gift by accompanying a scrumptious cake along with it. You can also get an exotic range of chocolates which you can also add to your list.

Corporate gifting ideas for New Year

As far as the New Year is concerned, you must choose something which marks the beginning of the year. A personalized diary, table calendar, photo calendar, pen and chocolates or sweets covers all your requirements for a great gift!

The freshness of vibrant flowers should always accompany the gift to ensure an equally bright smile.

Personalized, Unusual and Creative Corporate Gifts

In the world of gifting, there is yet another way to make it all a little more unique. Personalized gifts are the latest ones which make the maximum impact on the receiver. There is a whole lot of huge range of personalized gifts which go apt with all kind of occasions. You can wish your professional partners with such gifts on special days without thinking twice.

A watch, a diary, a premium pair of coffee mugs or a classic fountain pen would look absolutely stunning with a personalized touch. You can also promote your brand name through personalisation. This trend of gifting brings in a feeling of association and also increases the recall.

Business and Promotional Gifts

For the HealerEvery business, small or widespread, needs promotion once in a while. What better than corporate gifts to ensure your promotion. Your business associates or partners are very important people. They should value you as an asset. To make this happen, you must initiate. Send gifts to these people on occasions and special days. The gifts that you send to your partners, associates and potential clients, must be something that matches the standard of your brand. Never save pennies when it comes to your promotion. It pays off in future.

You can send gifts like a pair of coffee mugs with your branding, an interesting paper weight with a personalized touch or may be one of your own products, which you think would be utilized at the recipient’s end. There is always one golden rule of gifting that you must remember, and it is – utility & quality must be ensured!

Employee Recognition Gifts or Awards

People work to make a good living, raise a family and apart from that, acknowledgement adds cherry on the pie. There is always a couple of hard working employees who goes over the edge to prove their love towards their work. Their hard work must be acknowledged. And you can make them feel valued by planning small gifts and awards. These gifts need not be too extravagant also.

You can consider a small home décor item, a flower vase, stationery item such as a pen, kitchenware such as a cutlery set or a utility thermos, etc. Or you can also have a personalized metal plate with the name of the employee engraved on it, with the company logo. A bouquet of fresh flowers along with the gift will add value it.

You can easily make your employee feel valued by planning a simple yet thoughtful gift. There is a huge range of gifts available online, which you can pick from.

Motivational Gifts for Employees

Always keep in mind that a good employer keeps the work environment healthy, friendly and motivating. Your employees will perform when appreciated for their work and motivated to do better. A gift is something which brings in instant happiness. All great organizations keep their employees happy with constant motivation in some or the other way. Talking about the ways, what else but gifts can do this!

You can design a good quote and get it framed beautifully. Such words of wisdom will keep your employees mentally fresh and inspired. An exclusive range of photo frames will also do the same. And the best gift to bring in positive energy in your employees is a small weekend trip. You must take your people outside the city and allow them a little time for themselves. Nothing work better than this.

Flowers Make the Perfect Corporate Gifts

Iconic Sun Kissed Bloom1. Thank You – It is a gesture that brings in softness and flexibility in people. You must thank your professional connections for supporting you and being there for you always. Flowers do this the best. You can get a range of fantastically beautiful and fragrant flowers online. A fresh bouquet says thank you better than you could ever say!

2. Congratulations – You must congratulate your people on their achievements. A promotion, a salary hike, marriage or an anniversary, flowers always do their job in the best possible way. In order to make your wishes better, accompany them with a bouquet of exotic blooms. Orchids, tulips, chrysanthemums or daisies are the best choices for congratulating on a special day.

3. Sympathy – There comes a time when your employee or a partner goes through rough times. In order to show your concern, you can always pick white roses or lilies for them. A subtle bouquet of white flowers reaching them on your behalf is the best way to let them know, you’re there with them in their bad times too.

4. Get Well Soon – A vibrant arrangement of lilies or tulips are the best way to wish good health and say get well soon.

Corporate Gifting Etiquette – Mistakes to Avoid

While giving out your gifts you have to keep some points in your mind.

1. Do not make multiple sets of gifts as it lessens your brand value. Design only one gift for employees, clients and associates.
2.  Make sure, your gifts are creative, you are not the only one handing out the gifts!
3. Your gifts must be useful! People remember the gifts for a longer time, which they can utilize.
4. Keep a running list of clients and employees to not miss anyone while gifting.
5. Try to know your client’s religious belief, so that you can send something concerned with it.