Crockery and more- what not to gift the bride and groom!

bad wedding gifts

The cheer of baraatis, humming of songs and the sound of never ending dhol! Yes the wedding season is finally here! Best friend is getting married, brother is getting married, or maybe a door ka rishtedaar. But weddings are always fun. Aren’t they?

But alas! The party pooper can be the nonsensical gifts that are endowed to the bride and the groom. Oh so you want the bride to have a huge crockery set that she is supposed to use every day? Oh what about a nice gift card to the grocery store? Yep, that’s the perfect way to wish someone a nice married life.

After a long grueling research, I found that most of the couples these days are into nice quirky items. Maybe a funny cushion, or a lamp that isn’t cheesy. Gone are the days when people used to be satisfied with mediocre gifting. Either you gift quirky and large or go home!
So let’s combine the fun wedding season with quirky gifts that the couple will actually put to use! You can visit our website for more.

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