Deepavali walk through- coconut barfi and much more!

deepavali diyaDeepavali brings in the amazing winter weather along with morals that hold true even today. A celebration that is considered as important as the great Indian wedding itself, Deepavali has always been a favorite of the kids. From Daadi’s folk tales that were told every night before sleeping to homemade coconut Barfi which constantly reminded that the festival is just right around the corner.

A day that launches the five day long celebration in full speed is Dhanteras. No matter how crowded the market gets, shopping on Dhanteras can never be irritating. According to the legend that makes Dhanteras what is it today, it is believed Yama, lord of death stays away from the family if a diya is lit outside the house.

And the day preceding Deepavali is fondly known as chhoti Deepavali and it is mostly spent on road as people drive to their relative’s place to greet them with beautiful Diwali gifts. Didn’t we have the excuse of not being able to send Deepavali wishes because of time constraint, just so we could avoid traffic? But with the rise of ecommerce, you can find Deepavali gifts online (and avoid traffic) that will be hand-delivered at reasonable prices.

Deepavali hangover remains in our heart until Deepavali comes next year again. What is the cure of this hangover you ask? The cure remains in hidden away treasure boxes containing all the sinfully delicious chocolates that you received as gift.

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