The Definition Of Men: With Respect To The Dictionary Of 'Flowers'


If you have stereotypes dominating your beliefs, think twice, for the words that follow, cast light on the aspects of the most beautiful of all flowers, accompanied by the dashing of all men. That’s right, who says the flowers can’t compliment men and vice versa. Dear ladies, imagine a handsome young man, all groomed up to the core, making his way towards you, with a  flower bouquet in his hand, comprising of not only flowers but elegance, flair and even of the gentleness that’s expected of a man. Tell us, girl, won’t all the motions transpiring in the aura slow down – won’t the procession of thoughts swarming in your mind, come to a halt, won’t you be able to witness the best of him, in just a vision that shall last a while but will be never the less memorable. Well, let not fantasies entice you at the moment, and let’s face it – men and flowers are nothing short of being a lethal combination. So, next time when a tall dark handsome young man, is making his way towards you, one step at a time and you feel that suddenly all the notions of dear old Physics have failed in futility, don’t let your consciousness cease, for apart from all the mesmerization that shall be encircling you, you will have to try your best to cast a glance at his hands – a mere peek – to decipher the sort of flowers in the bouquet that is accompanying him, and trust us, if that is your first date with the guy in question, and if you remember the string of words that are about to follow, then you shall know the very best of him – even before you finish saying ‘Bonjour, mon nom est..’.

The Hopeless Romantics


Now, you must come forth a lot many so-called ‘hopeless romantics’, for they are madly smitten by the notion of love and trust us, they are the ones, who are willing to go on a second date after the first one ends. That accounts for the ‘romantic’ that exists within them and your presence shall make it breed, grow young, shrivel old and even die – such are these ‘hopeless romantics’. Trust us, they won’t think twice before opting for the flowers that shall suit their date in the best manner possible, for they are not willing to take any chances. Call them superstitious or cult-followers, they shall always and forever go along with a congregation of roses, that bear the shade of red when it comes to enticing you on the date.

The Poet


If you ever experience a guy, who surprisingly delights you with the offering of Lilies, on your very first date, then bear in your mind, that a very thoughtful and gentle being has started to exist in your aura. We are not saying that they are definitely a catch, for we are not dealing with the chemistry that shall exist between the both of you, but we are rather deciphering the very first impression, a man shall cast upon your heart, with the aid of flowers that are in his possession. Since a man has opted for Lilies, it can be safe to assume that he is kind at heart – a gentleman, who is thoroughly precise when it comes to making a choice, just like a poet who is careful, when it comes to composing a poem – who opts for the most humble of all words to compose a masterpiece – this guy, has just like a poet, opened up his heart to you, with the offering of a congregation of Lilies – simple, dainty beauties – that have come along, to account for a masterpiece of an offering.

Noir Et Blanc


Creepy. No, no – don’t be afraid, that is not supposed to be the final effect but might account for a primary, for such guys cannot be entirely deciphered. You can’t know whether they are good or bad, loving or disloyal, caring or uncaring – nothing. All you can do is cast a quick glance at them, and leave yourself with mixed emotions and the best part is that they shall not be trying that hard to keep you dangling between the North Pole and the South one, for the only thing that they do, is come accompanied by a bouquet, that comprises of an assortment of two kinds of flowers – the relationship between the colors of which is highly in a contrast.

The Insatiable


You must not consider the consider the Insatiable in the same ballpark as the confused ones. Mountains of mammoth differences tend to exist between the both, for a guy who is insatiable is wanting more and more from life and the sense of satisfaction ceases to exist in such a person. He is desirous of everything and anything new definitely invites his interest. How will you single out an insatiable from the rest of the crowd? Well ,it simple, an assortment of different flowers, congregated in a bouquet delivery, is his date-mark!

The Holy Confused


God bless them! For they are even worse than the hopeless romantics for the latter are at least cautious, but the former know nothing. For when it comes to roses, the color red is synonymous with love, the color white is sincere, the color yellow is for friends, the color pink is for gratitude, the color peach is for memories, the color orange is for intimacy and desires – and when you discover a congregation of roses that don each and every color that’s been mentioned, arranged in a bouquet, in the arms of someone who is making his way towards you, remember and bear our advice in your actions: Slide of your heels and get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

That’s all folks, for this is how much we have faithfully deciphered. If we come across any such derivations in the future, during our flowery journey, mind our words and trust us, this space shall surely present them in the form of words and mesmerize you with the enticing secrets of the world of flora.