Different Types of Flower Arrangements For Different Purposes

Did you know while florists in China were aesthetically decorating flowers in a water container, the rest of the world was busy making wreaths, braiding garlands and chucking off the petals? Yes, Chinese were the first ones to use water in a cut-flowers container and Japan took it even further. Gradually, flower arrangement became an art that inspired many masters to create philosophies and principles.

Mainly, there were three styles of flower arrangements that gave birth to other styles and they are:

1. Traditional or Western:

It’s an arrangement that is created from many flowers to give it a mesmerizing look.

2. Oriental:

Where the lines of the floral arrangement play an important part.

3. Modern:

This type is governed by no rules and it depends mostly on the taste of the designer.

Read on to know the four most common types of flower arrangements and their uses:

1. Bouquets:

Easier to design than a formal arrangement, these flower bouquets are majorly made of roses, followed by gerbera daisies, carnations, and chrysanthemums. These bouquets are apt for any occasion or purpose, be it expressing love or sending condolences.


2. Table Centrepieces:

As evident by the name, these are created to put on the tables that enhances the beauty of the décor for occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Weddings, etc.


3. Baskets:

It’s an arrangement of the flowers in baskets of different depths. Such floral baskets are gifted on special occasions, like Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Christmas, birthday, etc.

4. Wreaths:

A circular garland, generally woven of flowers as well as foliage, traditionally signifies celebration or honor. Also, wreaths are popularly used on funerals, followed by occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving day.

2 thoughts on “Different Types of Flower Arrangements For Different Purposes

  1. I’m looking for some flowers to give my sister who just lost her family dog. My sister loves flowers and so do her children, so I believe this would bring some joy into their home. I appreciate how this post was used as a way to explain the different flower arrangement types and their occasion. I think I’ll send them bouquet since they can be used as a way to send condolences.

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