Distance apart may be but I live only for you



Divya: This is such a wonderful place Rishi, see those twinkling stars in the sky – they seem like the lit up candles, the soft lush green grass seems like Malmal carpet, and the soothing breeze cooling us is no less than the A.C. in our home.

Rishi: Stop behaving like a Yash Chopra heroine. When you feel hungry, eat those soft grass, when you need clothes tailor it out of those twinkling stars, and when you feel cold wear this cool soothing breeze.

Divya (frowning and walking from there): Stop behaving such a snob!! If you cannot enjoy a holiday in Kasauli, remain in your office box.

Suddenly, a big black giant comes from behind the bushes and picks Rishi up by his collar……..Divya shouts out loud and Rishi is pleading for life.

Divya finally wakes up with all sweaty hand and legs and a panic-stricken face. Her phone rings up and guess what, it’s Rishi from London. After she is done with narrating her nightmare, Rishi had a good laugh on the same saying that only dreams come true not nightmares because we human love to believe in our dreams and not incubuses.

Naturally, people dream what actually rules their subconscious mind all through the day. The dream narrated above may be anyone’s common story when a part of you stays miles away from you and you are concerned about that person all the day long. We humans are so attached to all our loved ones that we always live in a fear of losing them. It’s a part and parcel of unconditional love. A best buddy of mine keeps on saying, “All these moh-maya should be shed to become a great person”. But I say, when you are in love, these moh-maya keeps you connected no matter wherever your loved one resides.

We have so much to learn from all the greatest of great love stories ever formulated on this earth.

  1. Talk of Lord Krishna and Radha story: they could not live together even staying in the same city, but their name is still spelt together exemplifying pure love. Love is all that matters hence that small distance made bigger never counted.
  2. Take name of Veer-Zaara of a Yash Chopra classic. Their love was torn apart in the name of religion and they distanced from each other to keep up the dignity of family and country. But the end result was togetherness.
  3. Remember the great sufi singer named Meerabai. She just heard stories of Lord Krishna and fell in such deep love that she devoted her whole life in his name. Distance of generations and time is vital here. But ignoring all that, only love mattered to her being.

Old people say that whenever you are in a dilemma, go back to ancient times and study Puranas, fables, and epic stories, and you would find a direction to your obstacle. Truer than true is when love matters distance is nothing to bother about. So whenever your mind is stricken with anxiety for that person, don’t think that he/she is planning to leave you. Instead, dream of your togetherness so clearly, religiously, and passionately that you actually make that dream come true in front of your eyes. Distance is just another way of measuring your love. It’s almighty’s fire test for you which you have to pass with flying colors to be with the person of your dream.

Don’t get furious when that person is not picking up your call. Always remember that he/she is also fighting a battle to win you. That person is also witnessing the same distance factor which is tearing you apart. So be patient and understanding and paint the new home, do everything that makes you happy. Because once you start feeling good, these geographical factors won’t upset you. My personal experience say that love increases manifold when you have that distance factor between you two. Because that’s the opportunity when you can actually keep surprises ready: like sending New Year range gifts or sending flowers internationally. After a long gap when you two meet, the thrill is inexplicable.

Celebrate the Love in Distance
Celebrate the Road of Distance
Celebrate the Life of Distance
And when passersby ask of your Distant Love, Show him the milestones of the Love-Road you have travelled!!!



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