Deepavali Nostalgia


happy Diwali

With the advent of winters, the festive season sneaked in silently and I didn’t even notice. It was the smell of ‘desi ghee’ from the flat across the corridor that got into the senses and took me back in time. The time when celebrations used to go on for several days and the joy was measured by laughter and togetherness. It was around a couple of years that I didn’t get the chance to spend quality time and indulge in the festivities with the dear ones, courtesies: my work! Leaning on the balcony grills I wondered, how a single blow of a smell could drag you thousands of miles back in time… A bag full of memories stood before me, reminding of the most happening evening of the year, decorated with the brightest of colours and lights! Those little laxmi footsteps by the walls and the rangoli on the doorstep, gleaming earthen diyaas, sweets, ethnic attires and the excitement of gifts added up to make it a wonderful experience every year.

Lost in the yesteryears, I suddenly noticed the time… heck! I was already late and there I rushed like a lunatic programmed robot, who switched on the other side of her personality. As I walked in the office premises, what I witnessed was the sight of some men climbed up the walls to hang lights so as to make the festive time evident. It made me nostalgic all over again and there I made up my mind to take off time from work and visit home on Deepavali!

After having decided, all I needed to do was shopping, loads of shopping for everyone back home. I ordered Diwali gifts for my family and sent it a couple of days before I landed, so as to have surprised them. Now that you know about my Diwali plans… how about you?


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