Every Moment Is A Gift

Every second is a visitor

Treat it like the guest,

you’ve been longing to see!

After spending decades in this world, I have observed a basic problem with the human race. We all think we’ve time. Instead of taking every moment as a gift, we care more about the one to come next. We keep planning for the future at the cost of the beautiful present. Creating the images of something we want in our head and waiting for the right time, is all we do most of the times in life.

Keeping a good distance with the reality, we find relief in the thought that we have time. Ever imagined, how would it be if only you knew that you didn’t have time. All you’ve got is now… the very second that is slipping by. Wouldn’t it have made stories more beautiful? How would it be if you always had to keep putting the efforts in a professional project or a relationship, just because you never had another chance in your mind…

You might have experiences in your life where it was actually the last time you had something with you and you didn’t realize. Mere thought of it now stirs your soul and compels you to think what if you made it a little different… only if you knew it was the end… only if you made a little more efforts… only if you knew you didn’t have time… only if you knew you won’t have it ever again…


Knowing that the moment is already gone and it won’t ever matter how much you planned on it if it stayed, it’s the time to focus on the ‘now’! The very moment that you are living. Make a loved one happy now! Bring a smile to someone’s face now! Compliment a beautiful face now! Help an ailing soul now! Don’t wait for the perfect moment, create it! Take life one day at a time because every moment gone will never come back and life doesn’t have a room for regrets.

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