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perfect gifts for Capricorn


It has always been a strong urge among humans to know the future course of their lives. Their anxiety and excitement have often led them to tarot card readers, palmists, face reading experts and other individuals. They all claim to make future predictions based on the zodiac sign and planetary positions of a person. It is clear now, why people are so obsessed with their daily horoscope or predictions regarding their zodiac signs?

A Zodiac sign can reveal a lot about the future, personality, behavior, financial, health and family life of a person. It can further help in making the perfect gift selection for your dear ones based on their zodiac signs.

A Quick look at Capricorn Sign

Goat is the symbol of Capricorn which is a laborious animal. So, Capricorn people have characteristics of a hard worker. It is a part of element Earth and cardinal quality. The zodiac sign symbolizes the achiever and is the tenth sign of the zodiac family. Ambition and determination are two prime features of a Capricorn and that lead these people to achieve their massive goals. Capricorn people are very responsible, traditional and serious by nature. They are generally very practical, realistic, and goal oriented.

They are loyal, family minded, honest, devoted and organized and they hate taking shortcuts to success. On the flip side, the Capricorns can be sometimes unforgiving, pessimistic, materialistic, cold, stubborn and elitist. You can read the crucial details of this zodiac sign that are listed below:

Symbol- The Mountain Goat or Sea Goat

Date Range- December 22 – January 19

Ruling Planet- Saturn

Element- Earth

Lucky Days- Saturday

Compatibility Signs- Taurus, Cancer

Lucky Colours- Brown, Black

Lucky Numbers- 4, 8, 13, 22


Capricorn Symbol


Gift suggestions for a Capricorn Person

With so much of details and reflections about the person in this zodiac sign, it would not be much difficult to buy an appropriate gift for him/her. If you want to make a better decision in this area, you need to take a quick look at the various gift ideas shown below:

A wonderful stylish watch- As the Capricorn people are much organized, they don’t want to reach late anywhere. So, a stylish watch for him/her would be a perfect gift for any occasion. You can easily choose a sports watch, big dial watch, bracelet watch, and others for your male Capricorn friend. Similarly, you can buy a leather strap watch, braided strap watch, unisex watch, or a designer watch for a Capricorn female.

A planner or diary: Due to their ambitious and goal-oriented nature, you can offer them a planner or diary as a special gift item. This will be a wonderful gift for them and will help them in planning out things in advance. Capricorns love to plan things and thus would appreciate this gift. So, go ahead with a personalized diary or planner.

Jewelry: The best gift for a Capricorn woman is jewelry items for sure. Buy any diamond ring, gold pendant, silver bracelet and other traditional pieces of jewelry that can easily delight any women under this sun sign. So, take her out on birthday or anniversary and buy her favorite jewelry.

Intimate gift items: Capricorns are down to earth, practical, and sensual people. If you are in a relationship with a Capricorn woman, you can buy excellent intimate gifts for her. It can be anything from a sexy lingerie to satin bed sheets, bath salts, spa kit, bathrobe, etc. So, express your love for her with such gift ideas and enhance love and romance.

Tickets to a charity or fundraising event: The uniqueness of Capricorn people is that they are socially responsible. For such people, tickets for a charity or fundraising event would be an appropriate gift choice. This will help them to contribute towards society and they will appreciate your social initiative. Therefore, go ahead with this noble gift idea.

Apparels, accessories and other sweet gestures: To impress the Capricorn, you can order exciting apparels and accessories. You can make sweet gestures in the form of various gift items. So, order a silk scarf, red dress, hair styling accessory, cologne, tie, photo frame, personalized gifts or a bouquet of red roses with a box of chocolates for a Capricorn.

All the above gift suggestions can surely impress a Capricorn individual and can be a perfect gift for any special occasion or event. So, choose any of these superb gifts for Capricorn on a birthday, marriage anniversary, wedding ceremony, first date or any other event.

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