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There would be no other time more in need of innovative gardening than now as our living spaces are shrinking and having a large garden can sometimes be like an impossible task.

So, we should try new ways of keeping our surrounding beautiful and go green in our own little corner of the world. Finding smart ways for inventive garden is something we should take very seriously. Hence we bring valuable, innovative solutions to make your gardening life more enjoyable and productive.
Although many beautiful landscape designs require a large commitment of time, there are simple things everyone can do to improve curb appeal. Here are a few ideas you can do to make your home and garden, the envy of the neighbourhood!

A cute and easy way of having small blooming plants displayed near the window platform or a veranda. You would definitely have an old cup and saucer set which might have gone out of your wishlist, use them here and make your surrounding colourful.


This one would require a little labour as the arrangement needs to be fixed with tact. A wooden pole with metallic baskets picked from kitchen, fixed with nails, ready for keeping pots or vase in it. Do fix it in the ground properly as it needs to bear good weight.


Plants which do not grow into bigger sizes can be planted in different innovative forms. Like this one, you too can have colourful ways of decorating your garden.


This arrangement on the wall with plants and shrubs grown in it is yet another way of adding uniqueness to your veranda or garden. This will look beautiful with colourful blooms. You too can have this simple arrangement made of substance which doesn’t get effected by water.


If you are passionate about gardening, you will love to have climbers in your garden and balconies as well. It will take a little time to grow and cover the area but once it is fully grown, the blooms spread all over the place, makes it look breathtakingly beautiful.


Now that you have got some ideas, I am sure there are a lot many creative ones popping in your mind too. Go ahead, your garden is waiting!

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