Get A Designer Bouquet For Your Loved Ones


Bouquets are latest trends everyone is following. So why not do something different with these styles of bouquets to stand differently from the crowd. At Ferns N Petals we present you with some classy bouquet ideas that we have in store for you. Now we have come up with an opportunity when you can design your own bouquet and we will be you connecter by delivering your bouquet to your relatives, colleagues, friends. Everyone is extremely lucky in this world so do you wish to make someone lucky today by sending them you special designed bouquet. We are also recruiting many people for job I our company so you can send in your resumes along with a bouquet design especially crafted by you and you never know when you become the next employee at Ferns N Petals.


Also, if you wish to send in your designs you can and the best ones will be used by us to make more beautiful bouquets in the patterns designed by you. Do not let this amazing opportunity go of your hand as this is the best way to be the part of India’s leading floweriest. We also have planned to introduce some artificial bouquets and believe you me the material we use to make such bouquets give all the bouquets an extreme real touch. How happy your loved ones will feel to receive something so special from you something in which you have devoted so much of time and especially designed for them. Although you cannot meet them or see them but your wishes will definitely reach them as they are coming straight from your heart. The cost of all the designed bouquets vary and are generally little expensive than the normal bouquets as we generally use these bouquets on grand occasions. All the bouquets are unique from each other because all of it is especially designed so we promise nowhere you will find two bouquets of same type.


Quickly tell us your unique designs and Gods know when you become the new star of Ferns N Petals. We firmly believe that opportunities comes just once so we should not let it go and make the best use of it so here is your chance to prove your talent .Do not let it go fatal and hurry up because our designer stock is available only for a short period of time!!

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