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Receiving gifts is not something very unusual for us. We send and receive plenty of gifts from our loved ones all throughout the year. Whether it is for birthday, anniversary, or for festivals like New Year, Diwali and Christmas. For corporates, gifting is a great way to create a brand image that leaves a memory in the minds of the clients. Think about this, you gifted a flower pot that is not only a green gift but also has your brand’s logo on it. Every time your client looks at it, he is reminded of your company, thus creating a recalling effect.

Corporate gifting is an extended branch of marketing and advertising that doesn’t takes a lot of your revenue. You are able to duplicate the effect of good advertising which is much more personalized. While offering valuable incentives, corporate Gifts are able to tactfully keep clients in the loop and remind them about your services. All this helps your client remember your brand, which in turn promotes and develops your brand.

All big brands spend a lot of their time and effort in choosing the right corporate gift for not only their clients but also their employees because they know how corporate gifts are instrumental in achieving success. While giving out your gifts you have to keep some points in your mind:

1. Your gifts have to be creative as your clients will be receiving many others. The gift has to stand among the boxes of many others.

2. DIY gifts are gaining popularity because of its ability to create engagement among the clients. Hence, designing gifts in such a way could help you gain popularity!

3. Make sure the branding is done right. A logo too big can put you at the risk of sounding proud and in a logo too small will not put your brand ahead in an effective way.

4. To personalize the gift more, it is always a good idea to attach a hand written note.

If you haven’t been doing your corporate gifting right or haven’t been doing it at all then it’s time to think about the above mentioned tips and reasons properly.

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