How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days?

Valentine DayIf you are looking for the things you should avoid while dating a guy, then you have landed on the right page. I may not tell you what you should be doing to get the boy in your court but yes, these are the sure shot no-no you should be avoiding.

1. Tipi Tipi Tap, what’s the date we first met?: Never ever ask such questions in early dating. It may scare him off. Remember, you are not a date reminder for him.  P.S. He cannot snooze you either.

2. Can I drive?: As being dominant, men don’t like to be a side seat driver specially with a women beside her. Be it a car or anything, they want the steering in their hand. I think you can trust him on that. Anyway, who doesn’t love to have a driver without a fee?

3. Let’s go shopping: Ahann!! Men and shopping let me warn you girls, this combo does not go along well. Women goes shopping when they have a “date” and also when they “break”. Just like men and beer. Men don’t get drunk for a reason. Instead, they find a reason to get drunk. The two (men and shopping) should not be mixed as it may hit you bad.

PS. Don’t fake to be someone which you are not also don’t be in a hustle to make him encounter things he may not like. Be REAL! Comprise and strengthen your relationship with gifts, flowers and cakes online on valentine’s day.

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