Let the Sweetness Arise…

  1. SweetnessRemember Aman Mathur of Kal Ho Naa Ho? Who can dare to forget that loving character from an epic blockbuster movie? Suno, Jiyo, Khush Raho, Muskurayo……Kya Paata…Kal Ho Naa Ho. Aman turned a boring, brooding locality into a colorful one. He converted a debt burdened restaurant into a profitable one. He framed a scrappy family into a united one. He did all those impossible tasks with sweetness, politeness, and calmness.
  2. Think a bit more….. We always end our lunch and dinner meal with a dessert. Why so in the end? Why not only sweets and desserts? Why not in the beginning? It also has some ancient ideology. See in our daily lives, we have to meet, greet, and treat too many people belonging to various grounds. We have to bear with sour, sly, timid, brave, rich, poor, people. Some will make you happy and some will make you cry, some will please you and some will make you anxious. So you cannot keep wrangling with the bad ones, you have to move on. That’s why sweets are served in the end so that you forget all other tastes and remain grounded, balanced, and optimistic.
  3. Ask any random guy – what kind of a girl you would want to marry? The answers of most of them would be – a sweet looking girl who can tackle all domestic chores. People may talk about the dashing modern girl living in the next door apartment who applies a lot of make-up, and wears short skirts but in the end want the sweeter girl to adorn their home. Because sweetness knows the ways to make everything just perfect.
  4. While strolling in the nearby park, noticing the little girl playing with her little puppy or the little boy who is toddling with his mom – what is your random expression? Of course you say – “Ohh so sweet” (Sweetness in the word sweet is an extended one!) and you start smiling without even knowing that you are smiling. We all were sweet sometime back and then when life started happening to us, we tend to have lost our inner sweetness.

These were just some examples of sweet gestures. Google defines sweetness in the following words: “Sweetness is one of the five basic tastes and is universally regarded as a pleasurable experience”. It is one of the five basic tastes but without any competition from anyone as it’s always a winner.

If you are thinking that your sweetness has taken a backseat, it’s high time to call it back and be more popular among your people. You can try these ideas mentioned below:

  1. Ask yourself which is your favorite sweet dish. Taking the kitchen into a storm prepare it on your own to give it to someone whom you have reprimanded a few years, months, or days ago. That person would not only forgive you but would start understanding the reason of that sudden outburst.
  2. Living alone in a city and down with high fever – still has to attend office as your managers think you are as good and fit as a robot. What would be your instant reaction to that? Either you would be very angry with red face or you would cry and say “Mom, I am missing you”. Take a Majjhima Nikaya instead and go out to have ice-cream. Also treat some street children if you notice them. All your tension would just vanish.
  3. You just got to know that a very old school friend has delivered a baby boy in Hyderabad. She was your first best friend, who always shared her lunchbox with you. Send flowers to Hyderabad along with some toys for her first kid. She would be overjoyed with your gesture and motive.
  4. You may know someone who really hates you for some xyz reasons and therefore always poses an obstacle in your way with his/her intrinsic skills. What to do? See if you would turn rude and sour and start treating that person the same way he does, what would be the difference between you two? Of course you don’t fall in his/her category. Surely you have seen and applauded Lage Raho Munna Bhai, then apply that Munna Bhai trick to yourself. Send flowers to that person until the time he/she comes up to you and explain the reason for bitter behavior.

There would always be people to bring you down but remaining calm and sweet in these situations would make a difference. To be sweet to others, you have to bring sweetness in your inner self and that is possible only with a shift in your thinking. That’s what I can call a real sweet gesture. With your sweet attitude, you would run a long race and that too without enemies. If we look into the lives of great men who walked the earth, we would find one common thread – and that is definitely their attitude towards every situation. They all were able to handle challenges and win over them just because their behavior and attitude were sweet.

People say about sweet tooth, I would say, conquer the world with sweet shoes.



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