Love Is… Getting Old Together

Valentine Day

It was a Friday evening. I was sitting in my office, just winding up my work. While the others were excited about the “weekend”, it was going to be just another two lazy days for me. Ah well! I had gone through a recent break up and all I was planning to do was going to have a couple of beers.

As I took the metro back home, I met an old couple. Looking at them, one couldn’t tell which one was holding up the other, but you knew they had been supporting each other for many years. I don’t know what was it, but I could not help starting a conversation with them. The inquisitive nature of a writer always takes over!

This cute, old couple was just too welcoming. Married for more than 50 years, both their children with family were settled abroad. When I asked the old man how did they first meet, it seemed like he traveled all the way back on his memory lane. They were family friends and it was an arranged marriage. I could see the twinkle in his eyes as he said, “It was like a dream come true”.

My very obvious second question was- What is the secret of your marital bliss? He chortled! “There is no secret”, he said. “When you get married its young, cute, fresh. You love everything about each other. With time you develop your own code language, habits, mutual rules. You spend every night together and nurture each other through sickness and health.”

“There are ups and down, the physical attractiveness may fade off with age but the love still remains. You love her because she is your partner, she understands you, and you two are soul mates. Love grows only deeper with age. All I see is years of smiles and happiness, of love and life on her face.”

The announcement said ‘Rajiv chowk’. It was my stop. I got down with a smile on my face. The old couple unknowingly taught me a lot of things. Love is all about appreciating the little things of everyday life. It’s about marrying your love, getting old together and still being in love. Growing old is a blessing, especially if you have someone to share your time with on the special day of valentine’s day for lovers.

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