Love Is… Spending Time Together

Valentine Day ‘Love’ as a concept was completely alien to me. But I definitely had some friends and relatives who swear by some facts – ‘Love happens’, ‘love is blind’ and ‘love is beautiful’, like Newton’s Law. Since childhood I always believed that nothing can ever take over reasoning and maybe that is the why I have never been remotely close to experiencing love until one day when like a bolt from the blue I was arranged to fall in love. Trust me, unlike other women it didn’t come as a beautiful surprise but as a shock to me and I was battling hard to calm down the undercurrents of my stomach but before I could have received some respite, I was married. I found myself with a stranger sitting right next to me, whom I have to now report about my whereabouts before my parents and my boss. Ohh!!! That was simply not acceptable to me. We couldn’t converse with each other initially, it was like we spoke a word per hour but we both were kind enough to understand each other’s requirements. It was almost like we have kept each other in observation, quiet cautiously making a note of other person’s routine. Some of such observations were acceptable and others were not but the beauty of this period was the fact that none of us could complain. So, gradually we got accustomed to each other’s habit and a word per hour got improved to countless words per hour. And now you will find me continuously jabbering with him all the time. Well, I am still too naïve to comment on what love is? But I am more than convinced to believe that all the facts that were sworn by my dear ones so far holds true, but with a slight twist, ‘love happens’ but gradually, ‘love is blind’ to each other fault, ‘love is beautiful’ only with each passing year. And I couldn’t have asked for more because I already had the perfect Valentine’s gift during this love season.

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