Love Is… Being Together


What is love to you? How do you feel when you are with him or her? Are you serious or is it just a time pass?

If you are in love, then you must have been asked these questions by random people at some point of time in your life. And, no matter how frustrated, confused or offended you have felt, you still had to give the answers. Isn’t it? Some of people gift flowers, cakes, roses to show their love towards each other.

What love actually is? Is it dying for the one you love or killing your lover if he/she cheats on you? I think it’s too dramatic and only suits the filmy stories. What do you think?

I have been in love for more than 6 years and I must accept that I have never ever felt that ways. Does that mean I don’t love him or something else? All I can say is, I feel very beautiful, crazy, complete and happy when I am with him.

Be it shopping together, eating together or just strolling together, it always feels good inside me and I think that it’s the same with him (that’s why he never says no to me). I don’t need to force myself to smile when he is with me, a wide grin automatically comes on my face and that’s what makes me enjoy his company every time.

He very well knows how to cool me down, when I am angry or cheer me up, when I am upset. When it’s just us, there is no space for formality and that’s what I love about our relationship. We both care for each other, go out of the way to show that we really love each other.

This is how, we have been together for more than six years now and for me this is ‘LOVE’. Love is being together, enjoying every second of every minute and starting missing him the moment he leaves.

If you feel the same, then share your own love story here and let others see what love is to you.

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