Magical Remedy

Some days just start off bad. You might have been thinking about something last night or probably your work has become redundant for a while now. It could be anything, a small disapproval over your last project or may be a relationship that didn’t work. There comes a time when you wake up to stale thoughts and a dingy room and you find a great absence of hope wherever you look, don’t want to put up with colleagues and decide to stay at home. Your phone rings again and again but cannot pull you out of your self-created world.


You start spending time alone, listen to gloomy music and breathe sadness. This is exactly the time that the researchers have talked about in many of their studies. And they have come up with a number of remedies for such damaging traits. Researchers have proved that there is something to help and that is flowers. Rutgers University did a study that proved flowers make people truly happy and increase life satisfaction also. It also stated that senior citizens who have flowers in their surroundings are happier and more social. So, from now on if you or any of your friend suffers from such withdrawal syndrome or even a casual sadness, some time spent in the garden, workstation with a beautiful vase and fresh flowers or a simple bouquet can do wonders to your or your friend’s mood as receiving flowers can certainly warm a heart even on the worst days.


Can flowers really be called a mood changer? Well, they surely can be called so as you might have not seen anyone angry with flower bouquet in hands. Having flowers around makes it easier for the person to bear the situations as the flowers spread positivity and a feel good factor which ultimately results in lowering the pressure and sadness.
As you now know what the magical remedy is, sit back, relax and let the flowers do their job!

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