How to make a fresh flower rakhi

DIY is the new buzzword today, and from home improvement to various other small craft and construction projects, people are trying their hands into creating something unique and special out of their own hands. DIY is both a creative-recreational and cost-saving activity. And for the upcoming occasion of Rakshabandhan, we bring for you a video on how to make a fresh flower rakhi or customize a rakhi with fresh flower.

The video will show you how to make a special rakhi in easy steps using only common items found in the house. The whole process takes not more than 10 minutes by the watch.

All you need is:

1)Â A piece of ribbon (25-30 cm) or some thread

2) A cardboard cut-out in the form of a circle about 1 to 1.5 inches depending on the size of the rakhi

3) Fresh flowers to decorate the rakhi, and

4) Household accessories such as beads and decorative items to embellish the rakhi.

Now to follow the step by step instructions (as shown in the video):

1) Â Take the ribbon and stick the cardboard to it with gum. Leave it to dry.

2) Â Next take a ready-made accessory such as an artificial flower

3) Â Cut the flower with a scissor in the required shape and size

4) Â Stick the cut flower to the cardboard and leave it to dry

5) Â Take a fresh flower and separate the petals

6) Â Stick the petals carefully in a floral pattern and leave it to dry

7) Â Take another decorative accessory such as floral beads and stick it on top of the petals

And voila! We now have the perfect floral rakhi for a perfect brother.

The floral rakhi can be reproduced in many different versions using different flowers and other color combinations. Try making them at home following these easy step by step instructions and surprise your beloved brother with a simply delightful rakhi.

Wishing you all a happy Rakshabandhan!




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