Marriage or Mirage?


Mirage it is!!!

This is how I define ‘Love’- an optical illusion. It seems friendship from distance… but as you go a little closer it looks infatuation and when you are right there, you know it for sure – it’s a compromise… Well, I have had innumerable such optical illusions – grads, post-grads and post-post-grads but none of them ended in a compromise till date and that explains why my facebook status still shows big and bold ‘SINGLE’.

Love is like any other story, where the plot is quite simple. Initially, there is a little bit of drama when a woman steps into the feeling of being single as quite ‘dull’ and ‘boring’. It is this feeling of boredom which makes marriage a more lucrative option. So, she starts pinning her hopes on the day when she marries the man of her dreams. The plot moves a little further with her dreams shaping into reality and suddenly she has a man beside her whom she ‘ thinks’ she is in love with but never ‘is’, ‘was’ or ‘will be.’ But the man that she has married is just a pill to fetch momentary happiness and permanent doubt. Finally, we have a grand entry of the villain ‘MARRIAGE’ which gives her neither momentary happiness nor permanent doubt. She eventually discovers that he is not the one for sure but love is certainly born.

Love is not just about feeling good but feeling bad too at times. It is not just about dreams but realities too, it is not about wanting the man of your dreams but accepting the man you have, it is not always about love but a lot of lies too. Love does not necessarily end up in ‘Marriage’ but at times, it ends up in ‘Mirage’ too. So it is your choice to have a ‘Marriage’ or ‘Mirage.’


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