Mom , Mummy , Maa…

Valentine Day

Mom, Mummy, Maa, the love embraced in it remains the same. When we are happy we look out for our moms to share the news, when we are sad, we look out for her to drown our self in her arms. Be it good or bad, mom plays an integral part of us. But, I was not lucky enough.

I was 15, when she left me and my dad. Either happy or sad, I was always devoid of her. People say that god cannot be everywhere to take care of us, so he created mothers. Sadly, my mother, my god was gone leaving me behind with every sorrow coming my way. No doubt, I had my dad and other relatives to support me, but there can never be a replacement of a MOTHER. Every new event happening in my life, bring back the thoughts that how it would have been, if my mom was there.

I usually wonder how it feels to share your secrets with your mom? How it feels to gift her new saree from your first pay check? Learning her style of cooking, people saying “Apki beti bilkul app par gayi hai”. I have never lived those moments. May be that is the reason they hold importance to me.

When she was around me, I never expressed my feeling, and when she left, I craved for her presence. I never got a chance to tell her that I loved her, that I want to be like her. Now that she is gone, all I can do is feel her virtual presence and believe that she is up there, guiding me in an enigmatic way.

So, wish your mom before time slips on this Mother’s Day.

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